Must Do’s for Bloggers: Pinnable Images

Must Do's for Bloggers: Make Pinnable Images

If you want to share your blog content on Pinterest you need one really important thing… something to pin!

You MUST have a photo or graphic image in your blog post in order for your post to be pinned. If you don’t, and someone tries to pin your post from say a Pinterest browser extension, they’ll just get some ugly gray or moss green square with your blog post title in white letters. And that is not at all enticing people to visit your site.


What you need are “pinnable images”!


While, yes, any photo or graphic image can physically be pinned, that doesn’t mean they are ideal for pinning.

So what makes a good “pinnable image”?

Vertical aspect ratio:

Meaning taller than it is wide. A good minimum size is 735×1102. I often use 800×1200. You can even make them LONGER and do 800×4000 if you want! Longer pins are good for things like infographics, collages, step-by-step instructional pins, etc.

Good photo editing:

Meaning that you’ve balanced your brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. Photos that include good lighting. Words you want to be able to associate with your pin images include bright, airy, and clean.

Use eye-catching images and colors:

Pinks, reds, oranges, and corals tend to grab the eye more than cooler colors do and pins including these colors statistically perform better on Pinterest. That does NOT mean you can never use blues or greens, they’ll perform just fine too. Just pins with warmer colors tend to perform even better.

Minimal Text:

Don’t overwhelm viewers with walls of text on your pins. Text overlay is fine and it’s good to put your blog post title on your pins. But practice good design and strive for a balance between imagery and text – with a slight preference for imagery.

Minimal “blank” background:

You see this more with product pins. Something stuck in the middle of an all white or all neutral-colored background. Don’t do this! Again strive for eye catching, eye pleasing photos and graphics. It’s okay to have SOME negative space/white space – use those spaces for text overlay – but if more than 50% of your pin is negative space, it’s probably not going to perform as well as it could.

Create a cohesive look:

Use a few templates and rotate through them. That way all of your pins collectively create a “branded” look and feel. You can easily recognize content from certain pinners when all of their pins fit a color and style theme. This helps you stand out, gain visibility, and create brand awareness.

Use a few templates and rotate through them. That way all of your pins collectively create a “branded” look and feel. You can easily recognize content from certain pinners when all of their pins fit a color and style theme. This helps you stand out, gain visibility, and create brand awareness.

Overall, remember that people on Pinterest are scrolling through hundreds of pins. Yours need to pop! Don’t let your pins get bypassed by creating horizontal/short, grayed out, and uninteresting pins!

If you’re not sure how to create these “pinnable” images/graphics, check out They even have a free “design school” to help you learn the basics of layouts, color usage, etc.

Or, you can mark this off your “to do” list and hire me to do pin design for you. 😉

Whatever you do, DON’T skip or skimp on the visuals! You’re taking enough time to blog, take the extra time to make your content shine with good visuals than will get repinned over and over!

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BFS Pinterest Planner

Pinterest Pin Planner

Organization is a powerful tool. So is Pinterest. Imagine what the possibilities are when the organization of a planner and the marketing strategy of Pinterest get together. That’s a powerful combo!

So, consider this Wednesday a day for the BEST Pinterest news ever! I’m preparing to release an incredible resource that is sure to help you maximize the power of Pinterest and maintain your growth momentum in the process. Are you ready to hear what I’ve done?? Good, I’ll tell you!

I am wrapping up the development of an EPIC Pinterest Planner! That’s right- this planner helps you strategize your schedule for Pinterest in a streamlined and SEO & growth strategy-friendly way!

Check out some of the awesome things that will be included!

  • Noting Target Market Details
  • Tracking Weekly Stats (because who doesn’t want to keep up with growth trends?!)
  • Brainstorming new board ideas by season, holiday, and month
  • Keeping track of group boards. This is going to be great for recognizing the best places to share your content.
  • BONUS sheet for Tailwind to keep track of tribes (#TailwindTribesForTheWin)
  • Goal planning & strategy
  • Pinning Schedule
  • SEO Worksheets
  • BONUS Special Board Booster Edition


I’m doing cartwheels I’m so excited for this planner to come out! Can you handle how great this is?? And, BONUS, it’s going to look so great! You’re going to absolutely LOVE this planner!

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Otherwise, keep your eyes on the blog to find out when and how to get your copy! Until then…

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Pinterest Case Study: Whiffy Bean Bags

Pinterest Case Study: Whiffy Bean Bag

In my private Facebook Group, I launched a fun new project: Pinterest Case Studies! I offered to do a free quick review of Pinterest for one follower a month as a chance for everyone to get my top 3 suggestions for sprucing up their Pinterest and taking it to the next level. This is round two and this week we are looking at Whiffy Bean Bags.

Leah, owner of Whiffy Bean Bags, makes Lavender filled Flax Seed Bags that help with pain, tension, and stress. Lavender is incredibly soothing and these bags are a great gift or treat for yourself. I actually picked this shop because I used to make similar products on Etsy so I thought I could offer some helpful tips for their Pinterest. I was so excited to offer feedback.

Just scrolling through this account their SEO is pretty good. It’s important to remember to take advantage of every SEO friendly space to boost your visibility and get your account viewed by your target audience. (Need to figure out your target audience? I’ve got you covered! Just head to my FREE Resource Library to download a worksheet that helps you narrow that down!) Places to be sure to have SEO rich content are in the Bio as well as board and pin descriptions.


Organization and Visual Appeal

When scrolling through this account I noticed that the board covers were pretty inconsistent. It’s a great idea to create a cohesive look throughout your Pinterest account because the aesthetics of a page can either deter or attract your ideal audience. I also strongly recommend grouping similar board topics together. This makes your page easier to navigate and will highlight to your audience that you want to make sure they find the content they are looking for with as much ease as possible.

Fill up empty boards

I’d suggest making boards with fewer than 25 pins secret until there is enough content to be attractive to someone viewing the board. Less than 25 pins are not really enough content to make someone stick around.
BONUS SUGGESTION: Out of place and/or personal boards should also be hidden (or deleted). They are a bit confusing to traffic and that’s not ideal.

Remember: You can’t get traffic to your website if you can’t keep traffic on your Pinterest.

Target Audience

Make sure your boards reflect your target audience. I know I mentioned this earlier but I can’t stress this enough. If you aren’t pinning content that’s attractive to your audience it will be incredibly difficult to turn viewers into customers. It needs to be apparent from your boards who your target market is.


Just a few simple tweaks to your Pinterest account can make a world of difference when it comes to growing your business awareness and customer base. Don’t forget to be consistently active with pinning every day to highlight to your audience that not only do you provide quality content but you provide it regularly.

I can’t wait to hear how these tips help you!
Be sure to check out the video for this case study HERE!
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Best Content to Pin: Kids & Parenting Niches

Best Content to Pin Kids & Parenting Niche

As a mom myself I know how valuable Pinterest is for parenting life-saver tips. I find myself looking for activity ideas, crafts, recipes, home remedies- you name it and I’ve looked. Why do I use Pinterest? Because it has so many fabulous resources!

What about the people on the other side of the searches- the ones who are aiming to provide the valuable content to the millions of parents looking at Pinterest every day? If you are one of the folks in the kids/parenting niche then this post is for you!

I’ve spent some time digging around in Pinterest and I found some quality accounts and boards for you to check out and follow to help add fabulous content to your boards as well as ideas for baseline boards for your account! Before we dive into that let’s re-visit a few must-remember’s for Pinterest marketing.

Here are some practical tips to remember that will make Pinterest work for you:

  • SEO, SEO, SEO! I can’t say enough about Search Engine Optimization. Pinterest is a search engine so don’t be skimpy with the keywords you use in your board titles, descriptions, etc. Bring people in with great search terms- board titles can make all the difference.
  • If you are running out of content do a keyword search within Pinterest and look through different boards instead of pins. This will bring up pins that don’t always show up in your Smartfeed or typical search results. Only so many pins can show up at the top so this is a great way to find new content. My recommendation is to follow some of these boards. You’ll be glad you did when it’s time to find new content. Following people within your industry will save you so much time!
  • When brainstorming SEO friendly board names or descriptions for your boards I will always recommend searching right there within Pinterest. You will be able to see popular searches and learn what’s working (and what’s not) from other accounts.
  • Take advantage of free help when it’s offered. Be sure to get access to my resource library!

*some of these may or may not be applicable, depending on the child age range of your target market. I.e. Parents of babies vs. Parents of teenagers will have very different board recommendations. Use the below as a guideline/inspiration only and alter where needed.

Now to the fun stuff!

Here is the list of Baseline Board Ideas for Kids/Parenting Niches:

  1. Mom Tips (or “Parenting Tips” if targeting Dads too)
  2. Easy Kids Meals
  3. Healthy Kids Snacks
  4. Kids Craft Ideas
  5. Kids Summer Activities
  6. Kids Travel Activities
  7. Kids Birthday Party Ideas
  8. Kids Birthday Cakes
  9. Kids Gift Ideas
  10. Baby Shower Ideas
  11. Gifts for New Moms
  12. Nursery Decor
  13. DIY Baby Foods
  14. DIY Home Remedies
  15. Green Cleaning Tips

As a bonus here are some Pinterest boards I recommend following that will add great content for your niche:

  1. Kindergarten Toolkit
  2. While They Slept
  3. Growing a Jeweled Rose
  4. Rachel @ The Analytical Mommy
  5. Anna @ The Imagination Tree

I am certain that these tips are going to help you with getting your incredible content out to the masses! Pinterest is a powerful business leveraging tool! Enjoy the process and, as always, stay tuned for more Pinterest Strategy tips coming your way next week!

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