Pinterest Analytics Tracker


A comprehensive, tracking spreadsheet for Pinterest Analytics.


This is the EXACT spreadsheet I use to track my client’s stats. It will help you easily track analytics over 1 year. Thus allowing you to easily see upward/downward trends, and look back at your growth over time!

This spreadsheet includes:

–1 page for 52 weeks of “profile” stats
–1 page for 52 weeks of “people you reach” stats, plus follower growth
–1 page for 52 weeks of “website” stats
–1 page for weekly board performance stats (Board Booster feature) divided into 13 week quarters.
–1 page for planning new board release dates

Each page has color coded columns for 7 day, 14 day, and 30 day stats.

Please note, you MUST download or SAVE a copy of the spreadsheet in order to use it.

Want to see how the sheet works? Check out the demo HERE.

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