Digital Marketing Coaching Services

Digital marketing encompasses everything you do online for your business.

While I specialize in Pinterest, my marketing experience in the digital sphere includes everything from Email Marketing to Content Marketing to Visual Marketing. My job as a digital marketing coach is to help you find areas of improvement and missed opportunity and to help you map out a strategy to implement changes/improvements in order to grow not only your digital reach, but also your brand awareness/recognition.

Coaching is packaged as a 8 week program, where we choose 2 major and 1 minor areas of
focus and drill those to perfection. 8 calls (45 minutes each) are included, one per week. Along
the way I will help you with “to do’s” and provide accountability for completing those tasks. We
will outline those tasks together so that the pace of work doesn’t overwhelm you and works with
your current schedule.

Each call is recorded so you can replay them anytime you need a refresher of what we
discussed. I also provide written notes/checklists.

As we work together, I will be your biggest cheerleader! I WANT to see you succeed, I only
succeed when you do! I’ll help you brainstorm, work out the “bugs” in your marketing strategies,
and bring it all together so that your marketing and brand messaging is SEAMLESS, no matter
where your business is represented.

Please CONTACT ME for rates and availability.

Your initial mini-consult is free!