Starting your own business is an adventure! I am here to empower you on your journey by providing a variety of Pinterest related services to help you grow your business, including management, design, and consulting. Let me help you capture the power of Pinterest and reach your business goals!

I had used Pinterest plenty before I got your help- I had even trained co-workers how to use it! But I had no idea how to use it to support my small business. Your power-up helped me so much, because you created a foundation with the boards that you put together, which made it so much easier to understand how to use this to not only promote my products, but to provide more information and ideas to my customers! The boards that you chose also got me thinking about the larger picture of my products, and what I am trying to accomplish with them. It was like a giant brainstorm done for me!

Haley Baker: Haley Sez

I thoroughly enjoy working with Marissa. She’s not only efficient, but she brings so much extra value. Constantly making suggestions and pointing out things that could be done better. She truly cares about her clients and their business and is a great support for any small business owner.

Sharmeen Dharmik: Miss Marie Dresses