Haley: Haley Sez

I had used Pinterest plenty before I got your help- I had even trained co-workers how to use it! But I had no idea how to use it to support my small business. Your power-up helped me so much, because you created a foundation with the boards that you put together, which made it so much easier to understand how to use this to not only promote my products, but to provide more information and ideas to my customers! The boards that you chose also got me thinking about the larger picture of my products, and what I am trying to accomplish with them. It was like a giant brainstorm done for me!

Sharmeen: Miss Marie Dresses

I thoroughly enjoy working with Marissa. She’s not only efficient, but she brings so much extra value. Constantly making suggestions and pointing out things that could be done better. She truly cares about her clients and their business and is a great support for any small business owner.

Kristen: KristenBaird.com

You’ve given me a clean foundation to start building on which is awesome! You give great directions, links, pdfs and followup info so I can make a plan and move from here. Thank you for that!

Melissa: MelissaCassera.com

Awesome service! You took my Pinterest account from a bunch of cobbled together images (mostly of coffee or Ben Affleck – neither of which had anything to do with my business) and turned my account into a flourishing space filled with biz & guilty pleasure goodness! Loved how I could hand over the Pinterest management and didn’t have to do a thing! It was so refreshing to feel completely taken care of and know things are working.

Tykesha: MommaWanderlust.com

You have completely changed my business profile on Pinterest which has generated quite a bit of traffic to my blog. Marissa is amazing and she really knows her stuff. Thank you for helping me to focus and shape my business on Pinterest. It’s been a real game changer.

Lisa: DivinationAndFortuneTelling.com

My Pinterest has grown, become more organised and is much better optimised. Marissa and her team worked very hard on my Pinterest account. They did not need any hand-holding or special instructions; they did their jobs well, freeing up my time and growing my Pinterest account. I would certainly work with them again and recommend them in the future.

Kimra Luna: Freedom Hackers

Lynnette: Craft my Occasion

Before working with Blue Fairy Studios, my Pinterest page was flat. It was unorganized, I had very little followers and no engagement. Now my page is robust! I have multiple boards that are trendy and engaging. My followers have doubled, three times over and still counting. Blue Fairy Studios knows how to use Board Booster to work their Pinterest magic and I am so grateful!