This about page is under construction…

Much like life, don’t you think?

I can tell you a few things about me, while you (and I!) are waiting for a more thorough (professional?) description.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m particularly passionate about Pinterest. So much so that I quit my job as a medical laboratory technician in 2014 to pursue an idea of helping other people use the Pinterest platform to increase their business’ visibility and, ultimately, follow their passions too!

As a fairly eclectic and open-minded person, I tend to have a natural insight into my clients’ business visions. I love taking that insight and creating a special place on Pinterest that reflects each client’s unique style, goals, and message. Since launching Blue Fairy Studios, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have worked with some amazingly talented individuals! Pinterest aside, meeting and getting to know other creative minded entrepreneurs is my favorite part of what I do!

I value good people who have a heart for what they do. I think passion always shines through, don’t you? You can just tell when someone loves what they do, when their life purpose is aligned with their heart’s desires….

More than telling you about my work background, how many years I spent in college, or how I can increase traffic to your site with Pinterest marketing, what I really hope you get from this about page is that I love what I do ( I’m crazy good at it too). And because I love what I do, I care about you and your business. If talking about “what it is that you do” gets you energized and makes you happy, I want to work with you. Because I believe with passion, and Pinterest, anything is possible.