I’ve got 99 Pinterest Changes – But SEO Ain’t One!

Okay, okay, so I don’t really have NINETY NINE Pinterest changes to tell you about – although there has been a LOT since the platform has gone public, However if you are a seasoned Pinterest user, you already know that constant change seems to be their MO.

Since it’s been a while, let’s take a look as some of the more recent changes:

Video Pins

We’ve been able to pin from places like YouTube for a while now, however the pinning directly from the video platform results in short, horizontal, small pins that are just not very Pinter-esque and are easily missed in scroll sessions. The answer? Video Pins – meaning designed, user created, pins that do not come from the native video platform. These vertical, size appropriate, pins are made using online programs or other video editing software, usually with a playable video at the top and a static image with text overlay at the bottom. Canva.com has been rolling out the ability to create and edit videos to users, so soon it will be easier than ever to make video pins! Video IS the future, as we’ve seen on other social platforms, so this is one feature/change you DON’T want to ignore!

Analytics Dashboard

This was a BIG one! With the ability to claim additional sites, like Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy, came the need to be able to track and review how pins that link to those claimed sites perform. Hence the major analytics dashboard update. And although the ability to easily download one or two comprehensive extracts is gone, I must say the graphs are much better and the dashboard now shows me everything I could really wish to know or pass on to clients. The ONLY thing I thing is missing is board data, you can no longer get info about top performing boards you must rely on Tailwind for that.
(Note: you can still download data extracts, it’s just highly split out and you’ll need multiple extracts to get the same data you used to be able to get in those 1 or 2)

UI Updates

Very recently – so recent the updates are still rolling out / being tested – Pinterest has been adjusting their UI. Some of the tab buttons are gone, condensed into two (community and activity). In order to see a user’s boards, the “boards” tab has been replaced by a “see all boards” button above the carousel feature. Business users now have a “business hub” page in addition to their “profile” page. Dark mode has come to mobile. It’s unclear yet whether any or all of these are permanent, or if more changes are coming. At this point, assume nothing is static and the Pinterest you see when you login today may not be the Pinterest you see when you login tomorrow.

Scheduled Pins

Pinterest knows we schedule pins. They don’t care and have said that there is no difference in the eyes of the platform/its algorithm between pinning via Tailwind and pinning manually. To that end, they have given us a way to schedule a pin for later when adding it directly to Pinterest. I personally have not used the feature as I feel it is quite a bit more time consuming than simply uploading it to Tailwind, but the ability is there. I do believe it is limited, meaning you can only schedule so far in advance or so many pins at a time.

But one thing remains the same…

With all the changes that have been made, the one thing that has NOT changed is the most important. SEO. Pinterest still wants users to provide searchable keyword phrases in their pin descriptions, board descriptions, board titles, and biography. In fact, Pinterest seems to be testing the removal of paragraph style pin captions in favor of meta-tag style captions. I believe this is available on video pins only at the moment, but I can definitely see a future where sentence style descriptions are out and you simply tag your pin with keyword phrases. Honestly, I would like that option so much better!

Regardless of what Pinterest looks like, what kinds of pin content we can pin, how many other platforms we can claim, or any other changes Pinterest may (and will) make in the future, SEO is KING. It is the foundation Pinterest is built upon and I do not see that changing any time soon.

If you are struggling with gaining Pinterest traffic and/or click-throughs, schedule a consult with me or request an audit! I’m happy to look over your account and provide detailed feedback on where you can make improvements. đŸ™‚

Marissa is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict. She lives in a small town just outside Louisville, Ky with her husband, 1-2 kids (depending on the time of year), and their Australian Blue Heeler. Outside of her Pinterest passion, she enjoys all things autumn, getting lost in good books, and exploring the city. She is always looking for new places and spaces to experience!

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