105 Pinterest Board Topic Ideas for B2B Entrepreneurs

One piece of ongoing management strategy that I always recommend is making new boards each month. Making new boards on Pinterest each month helps bring in new keyword associations (for SEO) and helps keep your account “fresh” – which Pinterest puts a huge emphasis on!

But I’ve noticed many entrepreneurs get stuck here. Their creative genius is used up on their actual products, services, and blogging and they just can’t seem to come up with a new board topic each month.

Sound like you? I know I’ve been there too, even as a seasoned Pinterest Strategist!!

I decided I’d help you out a bit here and so I’m presenting to you, the ultimate board idea list for entrepreneurs!!

This list is going to be MOST helpful to you if you are in a B2B position. I’ve got lists for B2C businesses in the works – by niche 😉

In the meantime here are some other tips for how to come up with new board ideas each month!

1) Look at your largest boards and split them into smaller, more keyword specific boards. I.E Dinner Recipe Ideas can be subdivided into Chicken Dinner Recipes, Casserole Dinner Recipes, Crockpot Dinner Recipes, Meatless Dinner Recipes, etc.

This has the added benefit of making your content easier to sift through and find!

2) Find your competition on Pinterest and check out their boards for ideas you hadn’t thought of yet!

Ultimately the purpose of making new boards is to bring in new keyword associations and to make your content (both curated and created) easier to find/more organized. Just keep in mind that whatever new boards you make should be RELEVANT to your target audience!

Also make sure you use a search-friendly title and use keywords in your board description 😉

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