How to Strategically Use Pinterest Board Sections

How to use Pinterest Board Sections, strategically for your business and marketing.

Happy 2018! Yeah, I know it’s been 2018 for a whole month now. I’m just now getting back in the full groove of things. It’s been a terrible flu season and my house was NOT exempt. :/

However, I’m back and here to tell you ALL about Pinterest’s Board Sections feature. This feature has been out for several months now, but it still seems like there are LOTS of questions about how to use them from a business/marketing vantage.

Here are some of the questions I’ve been hearing since Pinterest released the new Board Sections feature.

  • How many is too many?
  • Should ALL your boards have sections?
  • What is a good balance between creating Board Sections and just creating a new board?
  • How many pins should you put in a board section?
  • Is it okay to have pins on your board at the bottom under your board sections?
  • Do Board Sections help SEO?

After working with Board Sections and implementing them for my clients, I’ve come up with a these recommendations:

1) I recommend that you never have fewer than 15 baseline boards on your page. You definitely don’t want to section your boards up so much that you neglect to keep enough main boards on your page. So before you go combining boards and making sections, be sure you have at least 15 main boards (not including group boards) on your account.

2) Not ALL boards need sections. Board Sections work well for larger boards or very general topic boards. Your Main Biz or Blog board, SHOULD have sections to help viewers find specific content easier. Use shop sections, product types, blog categories, etc. as the basis for your sections.

3) You do not need a million sections. 3 to 5 Board Sections on a board is plenty. If you need more than that, you’re probably better off creating whole new boards.

4) I always recommend having a minimum of 25 pins on a main board. For Board Sections, I am recommending putting, at the very minimum, 10 pins into each section. Don’t make more sections than you can fill! And yes, it is OK to have pins on the main board underneath your board sections (pins that aren’t sorted into a section).

5) Board Sections DO help with your SEO, the same way keyword phrases in your main board descriptions do. HOWEVER, at this time, Main Board TITLES carry the MOST SEO weight. That is because they are directly searchable (you can filter your search by board title).

I hope this helps clear some things up! If you have a question I didn’t answer, let me know in the comments – or pop over to our Pinterest Mastermind Community on Facebook and let’s talk about it!




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Marissa is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict. She lives in a small town just outside Louisville, Ky with her husband, 1-2 kids (depending on the time of year), and their Australian Blue Heeler. Outside of her Pinterest passion, she enjoys all things autumn, getting lost in good books, and exploring the city. She is always looking for new places and spaces to experience!

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