Pinterest Analytics Explained: Profile Stats

Pinterest Analytics Explained: Profile Stats

In Part 1 of our series, Pinterest Analytics Explained, we looked at some definitions for various stat parameters that Pinterest includes in their analytics section. These definitions are important to keep in mind as we go through the remainder of the series, so if you need a refresher click the link to Part 1 above.

If you hover over the analytics menu button, you’ll see these options: overview, profile, people you reach, and website (once you’ve verified your site with Pinterest). I basically never mess with the overview section of the analytics, because it doesn’t give me enough information. It’s better to just check each section individually. But, of course, you need to understand what each of these sections show you, so we’re going to just tackle them one by one. Today we’re going to dive into the “profile” section of your analytics dashboard.

The Profile section gives you stats for impressions, saves, and clicks on your pins.

Remember, Pinterest counts any pin you add to any board as YOUR pin – regardless if the source of the pin is your website or someone else’s. Thus, the statistics you see here reflect impressions and actions that other people have made on any pin you have saved to any board on your account.

Really grasp this because a lot of people think that these numbers demonstrate how well their own (original) content is doing. They don’t. These stats include your content but, since these numbers include other content too, they will always be higher than the stats for your content alone.

When you are looking at the analytics “profile” screen you can toggle between impressions, saves, and clicks to view the trend graphs for any period of time. Pinterest offers easy date selection buttons for the past 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days, but you can use the date picker to select any range you choose.

If you hover over the graph on any day, you’ll get an exact number for the parameter you are looking at (impressions, saves, or clicks). The number you see in the dark gray box to the left is a daily average, calculated from the raw numbers over whatever time frame you have currently selected.

If you’re really data and spreadsheet (Excel) savvy, you can export these stats and do lots of really cool things.

For the average Joe (no offense to the Joe’s out there), these graphs are good enough to give you an idea of how well your account overall is performing. You can use the impressions values to gauge how visible your account is as a whole and you can use the saves and clicks values to gauge how valuable the content you are sharing is to your audience.

Content that is more relevant/valuable to your audience will get more saves and clicks.

What we care about:

We want to see the impression numbers growing as we add boards, content, and gain followers.

We want to see saves and click numbers growing. If we are pinning content that is relevant to our target audience, increasing save and click values tell us that we are hitting our target audience.

What if these numbers are dropping?

If you have been pinning at a steady rate, a drop in impressions, saves, or clicks may be temporary and due to a seasonal fluctuation where overall pinner activity is low.

If you have recently dramatically increased the number of pins you are adding per day, and your impression stats are dropping, your account may have a spam flag. You can try to contact the help desk to have them investigate. I advise waiting a few weeks to make sure the drop is continuous and significant. Otherwise, the drop may simply be normal fluctuation.

If you have recently decreased the number of pins you are adding per day (or have been wildly inconsistent with your pinning habits), you are likely to see these numbers drop when you are more inactive and rise again once you become more active.

What if my impressions are growing but my saves and clicks are not?

This could indicate that you are not sharing content your audience cares about. That means that either:

  1. You aren’t reaching your desired audience with your relevant content. (Solution: Check your SEO.)
  2. You may be reaching your desired audience, but are not sharing relevant content and so they are not saving/clicking. (Solution: Check your content quality and type.)

Growth does take time, so don’t be discouraged if a month into your Pinterest strategy your numbers haven’t grown like you want them to. Pinterest tends to show “snowball” like growth, but it can take a good 3-6 months to really see it.

If you’re not getting the growth you want, you might check out this course for using Board Booster to help maximize your Pinterest strategy for growth.

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If you have other questions or are struggling in other Pinterest areas (SEO, content, etc.) come join me in my Pinterest Mastermind Community or check out the Resource Library (or both) for tips on creating a solid Pinterest account and marketing strategy.

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We’ll cover the “people you reach” stats next time.

Until then,

Happy Pinning!-2

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