Must DO’s for Bloggers: Rich Pins


Must Do's for Bloggers: Setting Up Rich Pins

“Rich Pins”, you’ve probably heard the term. But what are they exactly? Why are they good to use? And how do you use them?

GREAT questions! And not at all uncommon ones. So let’s discuss!

First, what are rich pins?

Rich pins are like regular pins, they have an image, a caption, and a redirect link. BUT rich pins also have a little bit of metadata attached to them, kind of like a permanent “stamp”, that gives the pinner a bit more information about the content the pin links to. This information can not be deleted by anyone who re-pins the pin.

Types of Rich Pins include Articles, Products, Recipes, and Apps.

You’ve probably seen them floating around Pinterest. If you’ve ever seen a pin with bold text, a price, or recipe ingredients at the bottom – THAT’S a Rich Pin!

Why are they good to use?

Rich Pins provide pinners with a little more detailed information about what the pin is linking to. So it’s good for casual Pinterest users when they are looking for something that matters to them. Descriptions can be deleted or changed. Not all pin images contain text to tell you about the pin content. Rich Pins provides a way to learn more about the pin while looking at it on Pinterest.

For business users, Rich Pins help boost your SEO and create a permanent bit of info on your pin that can’t be removed by anyone else (i.e. spammers). The pin will always reflect YOUR information.

So, how do we get to use them?

Every website platform has a different way you can enable Rich Pins for your content.

On Etsy, when you pin directly from a product listing the resulting pin is a Rich Pin by default.

If you are on Shopify, Pinterest provides these instructions to enable Rich Pins:

  1. Go to a specific product URL on your Shopify site  (this is a page that has a “Buy” or “add to bag” button)
  2. Copy and paste this product URL into the Rich Pin validator and type .oembed to the end of your product URL
  3. Click Validate
  4. After the preview appears, click Apply. You only need to apply with a single product URL from your website
  5. You will see your product Pins become Rich in 24 hours

If you are on WordPress, the easiest way is to install the 
YOAST SEO plugin. Then follow their instructions here.

For Squarespace Users, you simply need to validate one page/blog post with the Rich Pin Validator. Visit a page on your website that includes a pinnable image, highlight and copy the URL, then paste it into the validator.

For other stand alone websites, you can try to simply verify a page using the Rich Pin Validator to see if your platform automatically supports Rich Pins.

If that doesn’t work, you can enable Rich Pins using an actual block of code that you will need to edit and embed on your website. This is tricky if you aren’t familiar or used to working with code. You can find instructions HERE. But I highly recommend you don’t DIY this if you don’t know the first thing about coding – find someone to help you if you MUST resort to using the code method. You can always try searching on Google for your website platform name and “rich pins” to see if there are any special instructions to easily enable them.

One last thing! It’s super important to understand WHAT shows up as the “rich text” on your pins!

Article Pins (blog posts are article pins) include the title/headline, author/site, and story description.

Product Pins include the item price, availability, and where you can buy it.

Recipe Pins include the recipe name, ingredients, cooking times, serving information, and can even include ratings for that recipe.

Make sure, as a blogger, that you are ALWAYS adding a title to your posts (ideally one that has SEO in mind) and meta tags to your images! These are the two most important part of SEO that transfer to your Pinterest Pins!

And, obviously, if you don’t have Rich Pins enabled already, go do it now! 🙂

Happy Pinning!-2

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