Board Booster BOSS is here!

Board Booster BOSS Course is here! Increase your traffic and take your Pinterest Marketing to the next level!

You all, I am super excited, like JUADC (jumping up and down clapping) excited!

After spending hours and weeks crafting the perfect e-course on how to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy, Board Booster BOSS launched OFFICIALLY yesterday!! We’ve been having a party all week in my Facebook Group to celebrate!

(It might *also* have been my birthday yesterday, and I *might* have celebrated with chocolate chip cookie dough and street tacos. Though not at the same time.)

We played games and gave away 5 copies of the brand new Pinterest Planner (grab it here), and THREE Scholarships into the Board Booster BOSS course!

If you missed it, I’m really sorry. It was a fun time!

“But what is this Board Booster BOSS course anyway?”

I am SO glad you asked!

Board Booster BOSS is a 7-part webinar series that walks you through, step by step, click by click, the EXACT method, and strategy I use to set up and run Board Booster for my clients.

In it I’m teaching you:

  • How to register an account and connect your Pinterest profile
  • How to use Board Booster’s scheduling feature to put pinning on auto-pilot and spend just 1 hour on Pinterest each week.
  • How to automate pinning your content to all of your group boards with 1 pin.
  • How to set up Looping to recycle your old repinned content for new followers (this will save you HOURS!)
  • How to set up a campaign to automatically recycle your original content on all of your group boards
  • How to determine the best times to pin, per board
  • How to identify your top performing boards and group boards
  • How to use Board Booster’s extra features to clean up boards with duplicate pins, easily split boards, and identify broken pin links.

Each module features a short click-by-click video to guide you, so you’ll KNOW you’ve set it up right. With each video, you also get a transcript and an easy to follow checklist to download!

PLUS! There are additional resources like:

  • How to Plan Your Pinning Strategy (PDF)
  • How to Use the Chain Search Method for Group Boards (Video) – this is SO powerful!
  • Pinterest Tracker Spreadsheet Demo (Video)
  • Pinterest Tracker Spreadsheet (PDF)

I have gotten really great feedback from my beta testing students and I’m confident that if you’ve been struggling to make Pinterest work for you, and NOT spend hundreds of hours doing so, that this course will help you! This is the EXACT strategy and methods I use with my clients every day and they have seen amazing success on Pinterest.

One event blogger gained nearly 2K followers in 90 days and a business coach upleveled her audience from 4K to over 11K in the same amount of time! Each of them are now seeing increased traffic referrals to their website from Pinterest!

Board Booster B.O.S.S. is for you if:

  • You’ve signed up for Board Booster but are overwhelmed by all the options. Where do you start? What’s the difference between “random campaigns” and “scheduled campaigns”? Take a deep breath, I’ll walk you through it.
  • You’re a social media strategist or VA who handles Pinterest for clients and you’d like to shortcut your learning curve
  • You’d just like the quickest path to success with Pinterest! You’re tired of looking at your Pinterest analytics and seeing….nothing….  


The best part? You can preview it for FREE! Then, if you enroll in the full course before August 15th, you’ll automatically save $50!


Wanna check it out? Visit: the Blue Fairy Learning Lab!


Happy Pinning!-2

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