Pinterest Case Studies Episode 3

Pinterest Case Study- Karrie Marie VA

In my private Facebook Group, I launched a fun new project: Pinterest Case Studies! I offered to do a free quick review of Pinterest for one follower a month as a chance for everyone to get my top 3 suggestions for sprucing up their Pinterest and taking it to the next level. This is round three and this week we are looking at a service provider- Karrie Marie Virtual Assitant.

Most people assume Pinterest is a tool for bloggers and makers, but not so. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for VA’s, Social Media Managers, and other service providers. I highly recommend utilizing Pinterest to grow your following.

As far as this account I have to mention something that stands out immediately. The bio for this account is fantastic! It is rich with keywords, has a link to her website, a beautiful photo, and a call to action. She has fully taken advantage of her SEO opportunity within her bio.


Board Covers

Having consistent Board Covers are great for creating a cohesive and visually appealing look for your Pinterest Account. Karrie took a nice approach and made custom board covers that match her branding. If you choose to do this be sure you are using a few different brand specific colors in order to make boards pop, stand out, and not get lost among all of the other boards. In Karrie’s case, she chose 3 brand specific colors.

However, you don’t have to make custom board covers. If you choose not to just be sure to choose covers that are similar and make your Pinterest look uniform and intentional.

BONUS TIP: Keep Group Boards at the bottom of the page. This helps keep your account neat and tidy and makes it easier to locate group boards.

Board Titles

I can’t stress enough how important SEO is with Pinterest. Becuase this platform is a search engine, how you optimize your descriptions, titles, and content can make all the difference in how well your Pinterest Marketing goes.

When writing your board titles, be specific. If you are wanting to provide “Twitter Tips” use that as your board title, don’t just use a one-word title (i.e. Twitter). Capitalizing on each opportunity for SEO is so important.

Also, be sure your board titles and your board covers match. This helps keep things consistent.

Use Brand Specific/ Niche Specific Boards

We all use Pinterest for various things- crafts, home decor, gift ideas, etc. If, however, you are pinning things that don’t match your brand my recommendation is to simply make those boards private. This will help your viewers and followers have a more directed and productive interaction with your account.

Just a few simple tweaks to your Pinterest account can do incredible things for you when it comes to growing your business awareness and customer base. Don’t forget to be consistently active with pinning every day to highlight to your audience that not only do you provide quality content but you provide it regularly.


I can’t wait to hear how these tips help you!
Be sure to check out the video for this case study HERE!
Want to be featured in a case study? Follow this LINK and sign up!

Happy Pinning!-2

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