Finding Group Boards on Pinterest


Group Boards! That’s what everyone is talking about these days. How do I find one? How do I join it? What kind of board should I choose? So many great questions, and today I’m going to do my best to answer a few.

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So, let’s dive right in! When you’re on the hunt for a perfect group board it can be overwhelming to know where to look. The good news is you have a couple of options. The first, and easiest, option is to join Pinterest related Facebook Groups. Inside of these groups people are often posting invitations to Group Boards as well as helping other people find group boards within their niche.

A few groups you can look for are:

Just simply type in keywords, such as Pinterest Group Boards in the Facebook search bar and several will pop up. (Or simply follow the links above).

Not only will these groups provide you with access to Group Boards they will also get you quality resources for Pinterest. It’s a win/win!

The other option for finding group boards is… dangerous, in a way. The rabbit hole of Pinterest is real, friends, and this is a method that requires you to sift through layers and layers of Pinterest Boards to find what you are looking for. Seriously, if you attempt this, you’ve got to set a timer. Otherwise you may never come back.

So, how do we search through Pinterest to find Group Boards? Let’s start by finding one of your followers who is the perfect example of your target market.
Then follow the steps below:

  1. Take a scroll through their feed and start hunting for group boards that they are a part of. (You’ll know it’s a group board because it will have a circular icon in the bottom left corner with multiple tiny pictures in it.)
  2. Look for a group board that matches your content. Make sure it’s either in your target market or niche, or something that your target market would be interested in.
  3. Click the group group and check out the description, how many pins are there, how many re-pins the various pins have, etc. It’s also important to note how many followers a board has. If it looks like a quality board FOLLOW it and check it out for a few days to see how active it is.
  4. If you decide the board is worth joining the description will tell you the steps you should take to send a request to contribute.
  5. Once you’ve checked out that group board go back to the original profile. I suggest exhausting all of the group boards from that persons feed before moving on.
  6. Once you have searched through all of the boards on the profile that interests you, it’s time to move on to another account. Pick one of the best boards you just viewed and check out one of the members listed as a contributor. I typically suggest the owner of the board because they most likely have a lot of followers. At the very least they might have or be a part of similar group boards within the same niche that you are looking for.
  7. After that, just repeat steps 1-6 until your timer goes off.

PRO TIP: Write down all of the contact info for group boards you’d like to request to join. That way you can send all of your emails at once. That’ll save you time so you can more quickly dive through the Pinterest rabbit hole.

It’s important to remember that you can request to join as many group boards as you like. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted into all of them and IF you are you can make the decision to join the ones you like best. Just be sure to keep a note of the best ones.

Listen, joining group boards, regardless of how you find them, can be an arduous process. BUT, the payoff is well worth the time invested. The good news for you is if you join my private resource library I have a list of group boards just waiting for you!

Also available in my resource library is a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for finding the Pinterest Group Board that works best for you! Sometimes, it’s just easier to SEE the process 😉

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