Pinterest Case Study: A Treasured Anthem

Pinterest Case Studies

In my private Facebook Group I launched a fun new project: Pinterest Case Studies! I offered to do a free quick review of Pinterest for one follower a month as a chance for everyone to get my top 3 suggestions for sprucing up their Pinterest and taking it to the next level. The first case study was for A Treasured Anthem.

A Treasured Anthem is a business located in Denton, Tx. They make beautiful handmade gifts of music and faith. I was impressed because that was easy to learn in their BIO as well as seeing the theme of music, faith, and home decor throughout their Pinterest Boards. Everything I saw had a very soulful and spiritual vibe. Their business is great and I was glad to be able to help!

Before we get into my top 3 points I want to talk about a few things I noticed pretty quickly.

First thing being that I’d suggest bulking up their BIO just a bit. When it comes to Pinterest, SEO is priority and the bio section can be used to optimize your site to be more SEO friendly. There are great keyword phrases, which is important, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a touch more information about the person behind the brand, mentioning the names of the business owners, and overall making it more personal. It also would be a good idea to consider adding a secondary URL as well. It’s not a clickable link but it is able to be copied and pasted- so maybe link a Facebook page or an Etsy Shop link if that’s not already seen in the bio already. Remember, there are 160 characters to use in this section and Pinterest is a search engine so taking advantage of SEO opportunities will boost visibility!

As far as logo’s, I absolutely love their logo! But, depending on the size of a business using a logo may not be the best option. Typically, for a more local or smaller business I suggest using a personal photo for a profile picture in order to highlight the face behind the brand. I normally only suggest logo’s to be used when the brand is more nationally recognized.

Okay, now for my top 3 suggestions. This is where we dig into what’s really going on and make a few adjustments.

  1. First thing’s first- the Board Covers need to be fixed. It’s super simple to do. Because collages tend to make a Pinterest page look messy it’d be a great idea to add board covers that are cohesive and match the accounts brand style. So, using A Treasured Anthem’s page as a reference, that’d mean something along the lines of the bright white, hazy, airy feeling photos or possibly a shabby chic and peaceful vibe. I see that reflected in several of their pins so it’d be very easy to highlight that through board covers. Once the brand feel is clear, it’s easy to choose a pin from ones already in each of the respective boards to set as it’s cover. Super quick adjustment that will immediately clean up the look of any feed.
  2. Now lets talk about how to structure our boards! The only issue I see when looking through this account is that some of the boards have very little content. The problem with seemingly empty boards is that when someone doesn’t stumble across your page first but they find that board with fewer than 25 pins it makes the board look like it’s not established and doesn’t have good content. That could detour people from following that board, or even visiting and following a page because they perceive that board as boring. It doesn’t provide the viewer with enough confidence that an account has value. Some things to  consider doing would be possibly merging similar boards with fewer pins or adding additional pins to less established boards. I suggest a minimum of 25-30 pins.
  3. It’s incredibly important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine. That means SEO is vital to the success of any account. As much as series titles are fun they don’t often help us out in terms of SEO. I typically suggest looking up certain words and seeing what searches populate first. Those are the most popular searches and that’s what we want to use in our board titles and descriptions. If you were choose to use series titles then my suggestion would be to group all of the titles together. In this case all of the be: titles together, all of the adorn: titles together, etc. Deciding to steer clear of series titles would just mean that searches could be used to find popular searches. Those make for great board title inspiration.  Just remember, everything needs to be SEO friendly. Also, keeping SEO in the forefront, don’t forget to add keywords to your descriptions. You can add more in depth keywords so people will know what is going to be found in that particular board.


Pinterest is an incredible tool. Just brushing up on a few things here and there can make a world of difference and bring more traffic to your page- thus more people exposed to your business! That’s a win/win!

Click HERE to watch the video of my review of A Treasured Anthem!

If you’d like to be featured in a Pinterest Case Study be sure to sign up HERE!


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