Best Content to Pin: Kids & Parenting Niches

Best Content to Pin Kids & Parenting Niche

As a mom myself I know how valuable Pinterest is for parenting life-saver tips. I find myself looking for activity ideas, crafts, recipes, home remedies- you name it and I’ve looked. Why do I use Pinterest? Because it has so many fabulous resources!

What about the people on the other side of the searches- the ones who are aiming to provide the valuable content to the millions of parents looking at Pinterest every day? If you are one of the folks in the kids/parenting niche then this post is for you!

I’ve spent some time digging around in Pinterest and I found some quality accounts and boards for you to check out and follow to help add fabulous content to your boards as well as ideas for baseline boards for your account! Before we dive into that let’s re-visit a few must-remember’s for Pinterest marketing.

Here are some practical tips to remember that will make Pinterest work for you:

  • SEO, SEO, SEO! I can’t say enough about Search Engine Optimization. Pinterest is a search engine so don’t be skimpy with the keywords you use in your board titles, descriptions, etc. Bring people in with great search terms- board titles can make all the difference.
  • If you are running out of content do a keyword search within Pinterest and look through different boards instead of pins. This will bring up pins that don’t always show up in your Smartfeed or typical search results. Only so many pins can show up at the top so this is a great way to find new content. My recommendation is to follow some of these boards. You’ll be glad you did when it’s time to find new content. Following people within your industry will save you so much time!
  • When brainstorming SEO friendly board names or descriptions for your boards I will always recommend searching right there within Pinterest. You will be able to see popular searches and learn what’s working (and what’s not) from other accounts.
  • Take advantage of free help when it’s offered. Be sure to get access to my resource library!

*some of these may or may not be applicable, depending on the child age range of your target market. I.e. Parents of babies vs. Parents of teenagers will have very different board recommendations. Use the below as a guideline/inspiration only and alter where needed.

Now to the fun stuff!

Here is the list of Baseline Board Ideas for Kids/Parenting Niches:

  1. Mom Tips (or “Parenting Tips” if targeting Dads too)
  2. Easy Kids Meals
  3. Healthy Kids Snacks
  4. Kids Craft Ideas
  5. Kids Summer Activities
  6. Kids Travel Activities
  7. Kids Birthday Party Ideas
  8. Kids Birthday Cakes
  9. Kids Gift Ideas
  10. Baby Shower Ideas
  11. Gifts for New Moms
  12. Nursery Decor
  13. DIY Baby Foods
  14. DIY Home Remedies
  15. Green Cleaning Tips

As a bonus here are some Pinterest boards I recommend following that will add great content for your niche:

  1. Kindergarten Toolkit
  2. While They Slept
  3. Growing a Jeweled Rose
  4. Rachel @ The Analytical Mommy
  5. Anna @ The Imagination Tree

I am certain that these tips are going to help you with getting your incredible content out to the masses! Pinterest is a powerful business leveraging tool! Enjoy the process and, as always, stay tuned for more Pinterest Strategy tips coming your way next week!

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What’s New at BFS?


What's new at BFS

So many amazing things are happening behind the scenes here at Blue Fairy Studios and I wanted to fill you in! It’s all so exciting!

As if working with my incredible clients and seeing their businesses boom by leveraging the power of Pinterest isn’t enough, I also have the privilege to cook up some goodies for everyone (that means YOU)!

Are you curious yet? Good! Here’s what’s new at BFS:

Pinterest Pin Planner

I’m rather excited about this one because I know how great of a tool it is! I’ve put together a lovely PDF that will allow you to plan out your blogs/products for each month. This is going to keep you on track with getting your content out (and it’s rather pretty to look at!) Who doesn’t love a good planner? But.. the planner doesn’t stop there! Once it’s all done, you’ll be able to easily track your pinning schedule, weekly stats, board ideas and more!

Pinterest Case Study Opportunity

This has quickly become a favorite giveaway! As a special gift from me to you, I’ve opened up applications for a FREE Pinterest review. Because I’m a Pinterest Strategist this is a tremendous opportunity as it allows me to look through your account and give you my top 3 suggestions to optimize your account, boards, etc.
To be featured in a case study and boost your Pinterest click HERE to fill out the application!

Resource Library

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? 😉 It’s pure magic when it comes to marketing your business/brand. Because it’s a popular search engine, learning how to use Pinterest is a smart decision for anyone. Learning a new platform, figuring out SEO, and optimizing your account can be overwhelming. That’s why I put together a Resource Library FULL of great content (that’s added to weekly) to help you make the most out of one of my favorite platforms.
To get access is super simple! Just click HERE and sign-up to get your password!

I am thrilled to be bringing all of these wonderful goodies your way! Be on the lookout for even more fun things very soon!

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Best Content to Pin: Wedding Industry

What to Pin in the Wedding Industry

Optimizing your Pinterest account can be simple- if you have the right people in your corner. The good news for you is I know Pinterest strategy and I’ve got your back! Occasionally, I want to take a look at some popular industries and give you my suggested strategy for leveraging the power of Pinterest to grow your audience. This week it’s all things Wedding Industry!

Whether you are a Wedding Blogger, Photographer, a vendor using Etsy or Amazon Handmade to sell your wedding related products, this post (and video) is a gold mine of information!

I’ve done some research and put together some suggestions for your account that should give some great ideas for creating the right Boards and making it easy for you and your business to be discovered. That’s what it’s all about, right?!

Be sure to sign up for my FREE Resouce Library! Inside that treasure chest is a video tutorial for stock-piling your Pinterest Boards with AMAZING content, fabulous Pinterest Accounts (that are KILLING IT) to follow, and SEO tips!

Let me just say this, if you don’t have any wedding related boards on your account fix that stat! Just about anything wedding is one of the most popular searches on Pinterest and is sure to bring traffic to your page. Not to mention, you’re a wedding focused creative entrepreneur, this is how you get your brand out there!

My goal is to make this simple for you- so here are some practical tips for making Pinterest work for you!

  • Have a general weddings board. This can be something as simple as a wedding ideas board. You can use this as a dumping ground for great content and, once you have enough pins for a more specified board (i.e. Boho Wedding Ideas) then you can create that board and re-pin from the general board. That creates more visibility for you in the long run!
  • The more wedding related boards you can come up with the better. There is plenty of inspiration out in the Pinterest universe. Just scrolling through the accounts in the video tutorial for this post should get those creative juices flowing and help you come up with content ideas.

    PRO TIP: Things like Wedding Cakes, Wedding Rings, Bridesmaid Gifts, etc. are GREAT boards to consider! They are SEO friendly and are highly used keyword searches within Pinterest

  • SEO, SEO, SEO! I can’t say enough about Search Engine Optimization. Pinterest is a search engine so don’t be skimpy with the keywords you use in your board titles, descriptions, etc. Bring people in with great search terms- board titles can make all the difference.
  • If you are running out of content do a keyword search within Pinterest and look through different boards instead of pins. This will bring up pins that don’t always show up in your Smartfeed or typical search results. Only so many pins can show up at the top so this is a great way to find new content. My recommendation is to follow some of these boards. You’ll be glad you did when it’s time to find new content. Following people within your industry will save you so much time!
  • When brainstorming SEO friendly board names or descriptions for your boards I will always recommend searching right there within Pinterest. You will be able to see popular searches and learn what’s working (and what’s not) from other accounts.
  • Take advantage of free help when it’s offered. Be sure to get access to my resource library and watch the tutorial for today’s post and follow those accounts. You can also hop over and join our Pinterest Mastermind Community on Facebook!


Pinterest is an incredible resource for all of you wedding industry entrepreneurs! I’m POSITIVE with a little intentional love and the right strategy for your Pinterest you are going to see some amazing results! I look forward to hearing how well these tips work for you!

Happy Pinning!-2


Finding Group Boards on Pinterest


Group Boards! That’s what everyone is talking about these days. How do I find one? How do I join it? What kind of board should I choose? So many great questions, and today I’m going to do my best to answer a few.

BONUS: I’ll be making a list of group boards available to you in the resource library. Be sure to join!

So, let’s dive right in! When you’re on the hunt for a perfect group board it can be overwhelming to know where to look. The good news is you have a couple of options. The first, and easiest, option is to join Pinterest related Facebook Groups. Inside of these groups people are often posting invitations to Group Boards as well as helping other people find group boards within their niche.

A few groups you can look for are:

Just simply type in keywords, such as Pinterest Group Boards in the Facebook search bar and several will pop up. (Or simply follow the links above).

Not only will these groups provide you with access to Group Boards they will also get you quality resources for Pinterest. It’s a win/win!

The other option for finding group boards is… dangerous, in a way. The rabbit hole of Pinterest is real, friends, and this is a method that requires you to sift through layers and layers of Pinterest Boards to find what you are looking for. Seriously, if you attempt this, you’ve got to set a timer. Otherwise you may never come back.

So, how do we search through Pinterest to find Group Boards? Let’s start by finding one of your followers who is the perfect example of your target market.
Then follow the steps below:

  1. Take a scroll through their feed and start hunting for group boards that they are a part of. (You’ll know it’s a group board because it will have a circular icon in the bottom left corner with multiple tiny pictures in it.)
  2. Look for a group board that matches your content. Make sure it’s either in your target market or niche, or something that your target market would be interested in.
  3. Click the group group and check out the description, how many pins are there, how many re-pins the various pins have, etc. It’s also important to note how many followers a board has. If it looks like a quality board FOLLOW it and check it out for a few days to see how active it is.
  4. If you decide the board is worth joining the description will tell you the steps you should take to send a request to contribute.
  5. Once you’ve checked out that group board go back to the original profile. I suggest exhausting all of the group boards from that persons feed before moving on.
  6. Once you have searched through all of the boards on the profile that interests you, it’s time to move on to another account. Pick one of the best boards you just viewed and check out one of the members listed as a contributor. I typically suggest the owner of the board because they most likely have a lot of followers. At the very least they might have or be a part of similar group boards within the same niche that you are looking for.
  7. After that, just repeat steps 1-6 until your timer goes off.

PRO TIP: Write down all of the contact info for group boards you’d like to request to join. That way you can send all of your emails at once. That’ll save you time so you can more quickly dive through the Pinterest rabbit hole.

It’s important to remember that you can request to join as many group boards as you like. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted into all of them and IF you are you can make the decision to join the ones you like best. Just be sure to keep a note of the best ones.

Listen, joining group boards, regardless of how you find them, can be an arduous process. BUT, the payoff is well worth the time invested. The good news for you is if you join my private resource library I have a list of group boards just waiting for you!

Also available in my resource library is a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for finding the Pinterest Group Board that works best for you! Sometimes, it’s just easier to SEE the process 😉

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Understanding Pinterest: Search Engines & SEO

Understanding Pinterest: Search Engine & SEO

Saturday I asked my friends in my private group dedicated to Pinterest to name 3 search engines. Sunday I followed up and asked how they work/what they do.

Everyone seems to recognize Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. as search engines. These are websites within an internet browser that conduct searches for users based on a query.

Although it’s easy to think of Google as a browser, since Google owns so many internet things, it in fact is not. Chrome is the browser owned by the company Google. is the search engine itself. Just a website

Only one person answered that Pinterest was a search engine… and they were right!

Pinterest is a website, that conducts searches for a user based on a query.

As opposed to Facebook or Instagram, which focus on the sharing of information by it’s users, Pinterest’s focus for it’s users is the FINDING of information.

Sharing focused = a social media site
Finding focused = a search engine

It’s true that in order for users to find what they are looking for, some other entity must then be sharing that information. But that doesn’t mean a search engine is sharing focused. That means that businesses and people who have things they want seen, use the behaviors of users who are searching for specific content and the nature of search engines being “finding focused” to catalog (share) their own stuff so their businesses/content will get found in queries.

The goal of Pinterest then is to get found. NOT to share your content directly to followers. To get it FOUND.

Enter SEO.

We’ve been using SEO forever. Even before the internet was a thing.

Back in the days of phone books, how would you find a phone number?

Say you needed someone to come fix an electrical issue in your home… You might have looked under “electrician” or “handyman”
If you needed to see a doctor, you might have looked under “physicians” or perhaps the specific type of doctor you needed such as “neurologist” or “pediatrician”.

You were using SEO!

SEO seems so scary or confusing sometimes when we are trying to get our own stuff found, yet we use it every single day as consumers.

I bet you use a search engine at least once a day to find something for yourself…. A recipe, a phone number, an address, a bit of trivia or other knowledge. How do you find that which you seek? SEO!

You put in a search term and results that match that term appear within your chosen search engine in order of relevancy, recency, popularity, and/or sponsorship (paid ads). The algorithms which determine the order in the focus here so let’s skip discussing that variable….

My point is, searching for content using SEO and using SEO to get our own stuff found isn’t really that different, yet we mentally freeze when it comes to the latter.

Granted, some of us may not be the best at searching….still asking whole questions for instance, rather than keyword phrases.

What’s a keyword phrase? Let me show you, because this is super important to grasp in order to start using SEO more effectively.

Here’s an example. Let’s take this sentence and convert it to a keyword phrase…

“How do you make flowers with fondant?”

Keyword Phrase: Fondant Flower Tutorials

To do this, first find the “what”. The what here is flowers, we want to make flowers.

Then, expand on it. Are we looking for a specific type of “what”? We’re looking for adjectives here. In this sentence “fondant” describes what kind of flowers we want to make.

Finally, find the question and turn it into a noun. In this sentence “how” can be turned into “tutorials”. Alternatively, we could use “Tips” “How To’s” or “Instructions” or anything else that would be the thing that provides the answer to “how”.

So when you’re thinking about SEO, think about what you’d naturally search for. Or think about what question you are answering and then convert that to a keyword phrase.

Let’s give it a try!

Convert these sentence/phrase queries to keyword phrases:

“What are the most popular places to go on a honeymoon?”
“What are some smoothies I can make with apples?”
“How do you make bath bombs?”
“How to keep kids busy during a road trip?”

Bonus, tricky one!
This one takes a little more understanding of what the person is looking for and how to convey that in 4 words or less!

“Which essential oils should I avoid when pregnant?”

Post your answers below if you dare!

Pinterest Case Study: A Treasured Anthem

Pinterest Case Studies

In my private Facebook Group I launched a fun new project: Pinterest Case Studies! I offered to do a free quick review of Pinterest for one follower a month as a chance for everyone to get my top 3 suggestions for sprucing up their Pinterest and taking it to the next level. The first case study was for A Treasured Anthem.

A Treasured Anthem is a business located in Denton, Tx. They make beautiful handmade gifts of music and faith. I was impressed because that was easy to learn in their BIO as well as seeing the theme of music, faith, and home decor throughout their Pinterest Boards. Everything I saw had a very soulful and spiritual vibe. Their business is great and I was glad to be able to help!

Before we get into my top 3 points I want to talk about a few things I noticed pretty quickly.

First thing being that I’d suggest bulking up their BIO just a bit. When it comes to Pinterest, SEO is priority and the bio section can be used to optimize your site to be more SEO friendly. There are great keyword phrases, which is important, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a touch more information about the person behind the brand, mentioning the names of the business owners, and overall making it more personal. It also would be a good idea to consider adding a secondary URL as well. It’s not a clickable link but it is able to be copied and pasted- so maybe link a Facebook page or an Etsy Shop link if that’s not already seen in the bio already. Remember, there are 160 characters to use in this section and Pinterest is a search engine so taking advantage of SEO opportunities will boost visibility!

As far as logo’s, I absolutely love their logo! But, depending on the size of a business using a logo may not be the best option. Typically, for a more local or smaller business I suggest using a personal photo for a profile picture in order to highlight the face behind the brand. I normally only suggest logo’s to be used when the brand is more nationally recognized.

Okay, now for my top 3 suggestions. This is where we dig into what’s really going on and make a few adjustments.

  1. First thing’s first- the Board Covers need to be fixed. It’s super simple to do. Because collages tend to make a Pinterest page look messy it’d be a great idea to add board covers that are cohesive and match the accounts brand style. So, using A Treasured Anthem’s page as a reference, that’d mean something along the lines of the bright white, hazy, airy feeling photos or possibly a shabby chic and peaceful vibe. I see that reflected in several of their pins so it’d be very easy to highlight that through board covers. Once the brand feel is clear, it’s easy to choose a pin from ones already in each of the respective boards to set as it’s cover. Super quick adjustment that will immediately clean up the look of any feed.
  2. Now lets talk about how to structure our boards! The only issue I see when looking through this account is that some of the boards have very little content. The problem with seemingly empty boards is that when someone doesn’t stumble across your page first but they find that board with fewer than 25 pins it makes the board look like it’s not established and doesn’t have good content. That could detour people from following that board, or even visiting and following a page because they perceive that board as boring. It doesn’t provide the viewer with enough confidence that an account has value. Some things to  consider doing would be possibly merging similar boards with fewer pins or adding additional pins to less established boards. I suggest a minimum of 25-30 pins.
  3. It’s incredibly important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine. That means SEO is vital to the success of any account. As much as series titles are fun they don’t often help us out in terms of SEO. I typically suggest looking up certain words and seeing what searches populate first. Those are the most popular searches and that’s what we want to use in our board titles and descriptions. If you were choose to use series titles then my suggestion would be to group all of the titles together. In this case all of the be: titles together, all of the adorn: titles together, etc. Deciding to steer clear of series titles would just mean that searches could be used to find popular searches. Those make for great board title inspiration.  Just remember, everything needs to be SEO friendly. Also, keeping SEO in the forefront, don’t forget to add keywords to your descriptions. You can add more in depth keywords so people will know what is going to be found in that particular board.


Pinterest is an incredible tool. Just brushing up on a few things here and there can make a world of difference and bring more traffic to your page- thus more people exposed to your business! That’s a win/win!

Click HERE to watch the video of my review of A Treasured Anthem!

If you’d like to be featured in a Pinterest Case Study be sure to sign up HERE!