Pinterest Pin Schedulers Pros & Cons: Around.IO Edition

PinterestPin Schedulers

We’ve covered some great platforms for Pinterest scheduling the last few weeks! Each one has a variety of features that are great for the novice and expert Pinner alike. This week we are going to take a slightly different angle and talk about a scheduler that is a fantastic tool for online sellers to easily promote their own products across social media and also provides some functionality for sharing other people’s content too. We are talking about connects to your shop and imports your listings/images so you can seamlessly schedule posts to your preferred platform. is best for ecommerce sellers using Etsy, Ebay, WooCommerce, Shopify, Storevny, Big Cartel, Zepo, Lightspeed, and Ecwid. It integrates with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter

Before we dig in and talk about the features of let’s talk pricing.

Plan Options
Basic Social: $149.99/year ($14.99/month)
Advanced Social: $299.99/year ($29.99/month)
Image+: $499.99/year ($49.99/year)
(For Plan Details click HERE)

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the numbers out of the way let’s dive into what we love and don’t prefer when it comes to


When it comes to features, the basic package offers a good bit of capabilities such as: Saving time by posting on all social media from one place, choosing any image from your product photos to share on social media, creating collages from your product photos quickly, staying active by planning posts for a whole day in two clicks, finding and sharing very interesting (engaging) content with your followers, monitoring and sharing stuff from your favorite websits in one click, and finding and posting funny, interesting, awesome GIFs from within

What else do we like?

  • Ease of use- anything that makes our job easier gets a big thumbs up from us!
  • Built in collage maker
  • Photo import from other cloud storage systems (drive, dropbox,) as well as Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook
  • Built in search function for relevant content you can reshare with your followers
  • More advanced plans allow you to schedule posts across all supported platforms for a week.


As much as we appreciate how easy to use is, this would not be a platform that we would recommend for everyone.

Here’s why:

  • You can only plan 1 day at a time
  • Needs to be paired with another social media planner in order to plan content well in advance (more than 1 day or 1 week).
  • Remember, it is ONLY for ecommerce sellers who are selling on a supported platform. is a fantastic tool for online sellers to easily promote their own products across social media and does have some functionality for sharing other people’s content too. However, the biggest limitation of this scheduler is the short time frame for planning future posts (1 day or 1 week).

So, my recommendation would be to use to save time getting your ecommerce shop items shared consistently (on a daily basis using the basic plan or planning a full week with the advanced plan), but to pair the platform with another social scheduler that allows you to schedule reshared content (supplementary content) farther out in advance, in order to minimize the amount of time spent planning and scheduling social media content each week.


Interested in giving a try? If so click HERE for a free 7 day trial!

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