Pinterest Pin Schedulers Pros & Cons: BoardBooster Edition

Pros & Cons of Board Booster

In this week’s edition of Pros & Cons of pin schedulers we are looking at my program of choice: BoardBooster. While each of the schedulers we have (and will) talk about have fantastic features, BoardBooster has been the best fit for me and Blue Fairy Studios.

Before we get into the breakdown of what we love and wish were better about BoarBooster lets talk pricing.

Plan Options
100 Pins FREE
500 Pins / Month $5
1000 Pins / Month $10
2000 Pins / Month $20
3000 Pins / Month $30
5000 Pins / Month $50


From analytics to scheduling features, and even content sharing features, BoardBooster has the ability to make Pinterest Marketing simple and effective.

  • The Looping Feature is great for making sure older pins are staying visible. You can select a board and have those pins re-pinned at random or in chronological order. This is a great feature to use as you see growth to your Pinterest and ensures that no one is missing your fabulous content.
  • Analytics make it possible to not only see which of your boards are performing well but they also:
    • Pull stats from Group Boards and lets you know the quality of those boards
    • Identify the best times to pin
    • Track follower growth
    • Identify Viral 3rd Party Pins (so you can easily find and share the popular content – or use it as a “model” for your own pin content).
  • Pin Mover, a feature that helps you move large groups of pins from one board to another, is useful when you want to split boards that have grown quite large into smaller boards with a more narrow focus.
  • Pin Doctor checks out the pins on your group boards and identifies any issues with pins such as duplicate pins, broken links, etc.
  • Group Manager is for owners of group boards. It acts as somewhat of a quality control so you don’t have to manage the group board 24/7. The Group Manager feature will let you know which of the pins are performing better than others and also makes sure that contributors are following the rules.
  • Campaigns
    • Scheduled Campaigns take pins from secret boards and sends them out to designated boards based of off the schedule you set
    • Random Campaigns take pins at random from a designated board and sends them out to any number of group boards.
  • Pricing plans are pretty affordable and flexible. You pay per month and can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Board Booster even forgives you a little if you over your pin allowance. They’ll help you budget your pins if you continuously go over, by placing a daily pin limit on your account until you upgrade.


  • Because of the many features, some feel that the dashboard can be a bit overwhelming at first. And getting everything set up in the most efficient way can take a little trial and error for those who are just learning how to use the scheduler.
  • You can’t add multiple accounts to work with teams
  • An additional scheduler would be needed for Social Media platforms. Board Booster only works with Pinterest
  • Some features require an additional cost (Pin Mover, Pin Doctor, Group Manager – 1 penny per pin)


There is no question that, based off of my experience, BoardBooster is a great option for anyone who is looking to work Pinterest like a pro. Pinterest can bring traffic, growth, and greater exposure to you business and having a great scheduling program that helps that process go a little bit smoother is a worth while investment.

Click HERE to give BoardBooster a try! And make sure you check out the rest of the pro’s and con’s series!


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