7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Pinterest Bio


Did you know your Pinterest Biography can actually help you get found? Check out how to optimize this area of your Pinterest profile with these 7 tips!

Your bio will be the first impression visitors have of your Pinterest board. When done right, it can increase your subscribers and followers and lend itself to a stronger brand on social media.

It’s not difficult to create a great Pinterest bio, but there are certain elements to consider. Here are some of my top suggestions for writing your Pinterest bio.

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

A little text is essential for your brand, but keep in mind that when people visit your Pinterest page, they’re looking for more visual interaction than words. Short and sweet is the best policy, especially since Pinterest only allows you 160 characters for your description.

Of course, start with your brand or personal name. Then, highlight the most important parts of your business and/or board, but don’t get too wordy. A couple sentences are more than enough.

2. Use Keywords…But Don’t Stuff

As you write your bio, keywords can help you make it searchable. Good keywords not only succinctly tell what you do, but they will also benefit your SEO strategy.

Just remember not to keyword stuff. Too many keywords will make your bio look cheap and tacky and can result in a search engine penalty that hurts your SEO rather than helps.

3. Include Your Tagline

Since you have very few characters to work with, but you want to make a good impression, work your tagline into the bio. If you don’t have a tagline, this is a great opportunity to make one. It’s basically one sentence that explains what you do and who you are. It should also include a keyword or two. See this list for examples of great company taglines.

4. Brand With Your Photo

The photo you use plays a key role in your Pinterest branding. Your photo should be professional and consistent with your brand. A headshot is also highly recommended, though your face doesn’t have to be fully visible. Let your personality shine through, but use your discretion.

If a certain color scheme dominates your Pinterest board, make that a part of your photo, whether you’re wearing those colors or standing in front of a background in that color scheme.

For most small business owners, it’s better to put a photo rather than a logo as your profile picture. A logo works well for a widely recognized company like Target, but not so much for a smaller organization. That being said, if you choose to do a logo, make sure it’s consistent with your branding and is clearly distinguishable as your company.

5. Have a Call to Action

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to encourage action from your visitors. After they read your bio, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, follow your board, visit your website, or contact you for more information. It can help convert the average visitor into a loyal customer. Here are some great examples of calls to action you might consider.

6. Link to Social Media and Your Website

Make it easy for visitors to convert to customers by linking to both your website and social media accounts. A link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts will increase your social media network and improve your connections.

7. Include Your Location

Even if you’re an online business open to the entire nation, it’s important to add your location. Stating your location helps with local SEO, for starters.

It can also your networking, as you can make valuable social connections. You don’t need to put your home address or even your home city. Just including your state and country will be adequate for these purposes.

Anyone can develop an excellent Pinterest bio with these fairly simple steps. Let your creativity flow and focus on consistent branding as you develop your profile page.

If you want more tips for improving your Pinterest strategy, follow my board!


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