Improve Your Branding with Pinterest Board Covers


Use your Board Covers to bring your brand identity to your Pinterest profile!

Keep your Pinterest on brand with cohesive board covers!

This article is all about bringing your brand to your Pinterest boards! It’s an important part of setting your Pinterest marketing campaign apart and identifying yourself as a creative leader in your industry.

I’ll go into great detail in this article, but if you’d like to visually see how it’s done, take a look at this video tutorial.

When you talk about branding your Pinterest boards, it’s hard to visualize what that looks like when it’s finished unless you can actually see it. I’ve asked permission from some of the wonderful people I’ve worked with in the past to show samples of how we’ve branded their boards.

Please note, Blue Fairy Studios does not actively manage the accounts used as examples in the video and thus the current look of these accounts versus the way they looked in the video may differ. Please defer to the video for the visual representation of the described examples below.

Pale and Chic with Sweetheart Elegant

The first one we’ll look at is Sweetheart Elegant, the author of which is an artist who paints portraits for weddings, couples, pets and similar. When I worked with her on this board, our goal was to get the board set up to reflect her target market, namely those interested in things like art for home décor, weddings, and similar content.

After establishing clear boards, we wanted to make sure that everything looked nice and flowed well with her brand. When I did her branding questionnaire, we determined that her primary colors were pink and black. I also noticed that her portraits use very soft colors.

Using this knowledge, we changed the board covers to reflect that. As you browse through her page, you’ll see that pink, black, and soft colors dominate the board. It flows well and has a cohesive style to brand her work.

Bright and Playful with Brick and Button

Let’s look at a second example from Brick and Button that has a more bold, playful brand. The author of this page essentially does Lego and button accessories. Again, our goal here was to make boards that fit her target market, so we focused on making colorful buttons and Legos the focal point.

We also looked at her color scheme, which is bright, colorful, playful, and fun. There are also a few softer colors that worked because of placement. Even if the color scheme varies slightly, you can create an overall cohesive look by strategically organizing the varying colors so that it looks intentional. You’ll see her success in that when visiting her board.

Strong Fonts and Colors for Blue Fairy Studios

You can also visit my board for Blue Fairy Studios to see how I’ve created my brand. You’ll notice that there are a lot of words on here because I like to share a lot of blog posts and tutorials, but I tried to focus on similar fonts throughout. I also used my signature pink and mint blue to keep things organized.

A Lesson in Constant Maintenance with Best Dress Ever

Finally, we’ll look at Best Dress Ever, the author of which makes and sells handmade dresses. This is a great example of the importance of constantly maintaining your boards to reflect your brand. We worked on her board a few months ago, and as time has gone by, things have gotten a little less organized. She also has lot of group boards, which she doesn’t have a lot of control over. Our next goal is to go through and reorganize some of her boards, changing the board covers to maintain the strong brand that she’s hoping to maintain.

The goal here would be to do the best you can to maintain the branding, which often takes creativity and frequent maintenance. It’s worth revisiting periodically to make sure you still identify with the look and feel of Pinterest.

Option 1 for Changing Pinterest Board Covers

Now that you’ve seen some of the well-branded Pinterest boards I’ve had the privilege of working on, it’s time to learn how to achieve that with your own. It starts with the ability to change your Pinterest board covers.

Start by visiting a board on your profile and clicking edit. It will pop up with a variety of options. You might want to glance over each to make sure they’re correct while you’re in the board, but to change the board cover, you’ll click the button that says “Change” next to the “Cover” category. This will generate a popup with arrows so you can scroll through each of the pins on your board.

Keep in mind your primary color scheme and fonts to choose a pin that will best reflect your brand. If you don’t like the way the pin appears in the cover frame, you can place your cursor over the picture, and click and drag any direction to change the view of the photo in the frame.

After you’ve chosen your new cover, make sure you hit save. Then, exit out of your Pinterest tab and return to make sure it worked correctly. Sometimes, Pinterest can be kind of funny, and you have to redo the cover page a couple of times to make it stick. Hopefully, that’s something they’ll update in the future!

Note that if you’re changing board covers on mobile, the finished product can look different on your desktop version. I recommend making changes to your board cover on your desktop to avoid this problem.

Option 2 for Changing Pinterest Board Covers

You can also change the board cover by adding a new pin to a specific board. Go into a board and click on “add a pin.” It will generate a popup for you to upload a pin from your device (if you created a specific board cover on Canva or you want to showcase your own photograph) or you can search the web for the perfect pre-generated pin.

A Word on Creating Your Own Pins for Branding Purposes

If you choose to upload your own pin, make sure you attach a URL to your shop or homepage so that it’s not a dead pin and does productive work for your Pinterest marketing.

As another caution, creating your own board covers can make your board look flat, monotonous, and dull if you aren’t careful. Your goal is to maintain visual interest, so avoid using the exact hues and fonts for each of your boards. Try to vary these so it looks cohesive, but not robotic.

Additionally, use more images than solid blocks of text. One of the reasons people visit Pinterest is for the images, so use layers, an image, or blocking to avoid making it a solid block of color and text.


Hopefully, this has helped you understand a little better what a great branded Pinterest board looks like!

If you like what you read here, make sure you follow my board to find other great tips on perfecting your Pinterest marketing strategies. You can also request a service here!

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