How to Tailor Content in Your Pinterest Smart Feed

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How to Tailor the Content you see in your Pinterest Smart Feed: Tutorial and Video!

If you’re tired of scrolling through your Pinterest feed, coming across non-relevant pins for your target market, this tutorial is for you! It’s developed from a video tutorial I created previously. You can watch it here.

In case you didn’t know, your smart feed is the homepage you see when you first log into Pinterest. It’s composed of pins chosen for you based on your pinning habits, followers’ pins, the boards you follow, and the interest you pick when you first sign up or future interests you follow. Your smart feed will update as your habits and settings change.

By tailoring your smart feed, it will become easier to find relevant content to share with your target buyers and pin to your boards. It will pull your boards together into a more organized unit and provide you with an endless supply of content that you don’t have to search Pinterest aimlessly to find.

There are four recommended ways to tailor the content to your board: filtering by Boards, filtering by People, filtering by category, and unfollowing irrelevant boards/topics. I’ve discovered filtering by Boards or Category, and unfollowing boards/topics to be most effective.

Note that if you are using a mobile Pinterest account, you can only unfollow topics from mobile. You can’t follow, so if you’re working on curating your smart feed, hop on a desktop.

Filter by Boards

If you want your smart feed to show you the content you care about rather than what they think you care about, start by searching for a topic like “kids crafts.” Then, look at the filters available at the top of the feed. There’s All Pins (which is the default when you search), Your Pins, Buyable Pins, People, and Boards. Filter the results by Boards rather than All Pins.

When your results come up, you’ll see a series of boards that have those keywords in the title. It’s important to notes that whatever you search for will only yield results for boards with those search terms in the title.

You’ll have plenty of options available to choose from, but you don’t want to blindly follow all the boards in the search results. Click into the boards and take a look at the content. First, check the number of pins in the board to make sure it will have enough to sustain your needs. You can look at the summary at the top of the page and scroll through the content to make sure it matches your interests.

You can also click on the owner of the board to look at the rest of their content. Chances are if you like the board you see, you’ll like the rest of that person’s content as well. You can also see how many followers the owner has. If they have at least triple digits for followers, you know they’ve been around long enough to provide you quality content.

Browse through each of their boards to see if they have a series of great boards that you want to follow. If you like what you see for your target market, follow the person’s entire account. Otherwise, you can just follow specific boards.

As you look at someone’s account, you can also find groups that the pinner is a part of. You may stumble across some great group boards that you can follow for the benefit of your target audience.

Filter by People

Another way to filter your search results is with the People button. Again, you’ll only get search results with your search term in it. Apply the same methods of discovery you used with the Boards filter to discover boards and people worth following.

I personally prefer to search by Boards first, as it’s more likely to bring up relevant content to be used for your target audience and you’re more likely to find potential buyers within your target niche. Searching for People is more likely to bring up competitors rather than target market buyers. This is good for market research, but it’s not as helpful for curating your smart feed.

Unfollow Boards (or Topics… or People…)

You can also unfollow boards, topics, and people, that are irrelevant to your target market and buyers. This is most important if you have converted your personal Pinterest account into a business account.

To do so, click on your profile, and then click on Following next to your profile picture. It will show you three categories at the top of your boards: Topics, People, and Boards. Go into each of these sections and unfollow all ideas, boards, and people that are not relevant to your target market.

Like I said, this is especially important if you converted and cleaned up a personal account to use as a business account instead, since it’s highly likely many of the topics you followed when you first set up your personal account aren’t really on brand or niched toward your target audience now that you are a business account Pinner. In other words, DO THIS! K?

Follow/Unfollow Whole Categories

You have the option to follow whole categories or interests on Pinterest if you’d like. This isn’t quite as useful as following a single board or person, as you’re more likely to get broad and unspecific search results in your smart feed. However, if you’re transitioning from a personal board to a business board and need to change everything on your smart feed, this can get you started.

Start by visiting Choose a topic that you’re interested in, and choose one of the narrowed topics at the top of that board. You can follow one of those topics or follow one of the other sub topics shown.

This process requires jumping through a few hoops, and it’s kind of a pain. You’ll click through several different categories before you’re able to follow them, and it can take a few minutes to find what you’re looking for. It’s an option for tailoring your smart feed, but you’ll almost always get better results by following boards and people.

Alternatively, you can also UNFOLLOW Categories that you’ve previously followed which are no longer relevant to you.

Hopefully, this has answered some of your questions or concerns about getting the right content on your smart feeds. If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks for Pinterest, follow my board: Pinterest Pointers!




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