Check Out The 3 Newest Pinterest Features

Check out the 3 new Pinterest features: Pinterest Lens, Pinterest Shop the Look, Pinterest Instant Ideas

Pinterest just released three brand new features that will make life so much easier for both you and your customers. Customers can now visually search for your products, and it’s easier for them to find you online. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited, and you should be too!

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect from these updates:


When Pinterest users search for ideas on a site, the results often miss the mark. The Lens update, which is rolling out in beta on the iOS and Android Pinterest apps, lets searchers use their cameras to get a more accurate match when they search.

Here’s how it works: A new camera icon will show up in your Pinterest app. When you tap the icon, it connects to your phone’s camera, allowing you to take a photo of something like a pair of shoes you must have, a sofa you’re in love with, or a dessert you want the recipe for. Then, Pinterest will do a photo search for items matching that picture.

As a retailer or blogger, you can see the benefit of this handy tool. It’s basically another access point to search when pinners don’t know the words to describe exactly what they’re looking for. Customers can take photos of real life objects and find them again online. You can optimize your pins with relevant search terms and include meta data for website photos to make it easier for Pinterest to find your content.

To take advantage of this tool, encourage plenty of pictures of your products! Incentivize your customers to post photos online and share with their friends. The more visual your business becomes, the easier it will be for people to search it in the future.

Read more about Pinterest Lens!

Shop the Look

As the name suggests, this new feature will direct consumers to items that can be purchased through Pinterest. We’re already pretty excited about Buyable Pins and this new marketing tool makes it so much better!

Here’s how it works: When searching an item, a blue circle (or several) will appear on all Buyable Pins in the fashion or home decor niche. When you tap on said circle, it will give recommendations for similar items and direct you to a product page.

In addition, it will give users ideas for using them practically, like wearing their products or arranging them at home. For example, if you’re searching for shabby chic side tables, it will show you how other pinners have arranged similar items in their living rooms to match their space and furniture. It’s great for encouraging impulse buys!

So far, Pinterest has only advertised being connected to big box retailers like Wayfair, Macy’s, and Target, but as a U.S. online retailer, you can use these features as well by getting on the list for Buyable Pins.

Note that, as of now, it only works if you use Shopify, Demandware, BigCommerce, Magento, or IBM Commerce.

Read more about Shop the Look!

Instant Ideas

Last, but certainly not least is the ability for Pinterest users to personalize their home feeds. In the past, pinners have been at the mercy of the algorithm gods. They only saw items that the computer thought they would like, based on what they typically pin, who they follow, or what search terms they used. With Instant Ideas, users have more of a say.

Here’s how it works: You can tap a small circle underneath each pin. When clicked, it will move you to similar items and more information for a product. This will not only take you to pages you want to see, but it will teach the Pinterest algorithms more about what you like on your home feed for more customized pins in the future. It’s all in real time, and the best part is you won’t lose your spot as you scroll.

The Instant Ideas feature is a dream come true for ecommerce retailers and bloggers. It will give consumers more options when they’re shopping for an item at different price points and companies. Because there are more ways for people to view ideas online, it’s easier for them to locate your business.

Read more about Instant Ideas!


Aren’t these features pretty great? It’s like Pinterest’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Silbermann, said in an official statement:

“These three new products make anything in the world an entry point to the 100 billion ideas in Pinterest. Together they create a whole new discovery experience that’s unlike anything that’s out there today. You can get ideas whether you’re opening the app or walking through town. The more people that use it, the better the results become, the more we can recommend inspiring ideas.”

And isn’t that what we want to do as businesses? Inspiring new ideas and making customers happy is the primary goal for all of us, and Pinterest just makes it more fun!

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