New Pinterest Feature: Showcases!

Pinterest Showcases, New Feature Information

What you need to know about the NEW Pinterest Feature: Showcases

If you’re a Pinterest for Business user, you might have seen the new Showcase feature at the top of your Pinterest profile page. I am super excited about this feature, for several reasons:

For one, if you have LOTS and LOTS of boards, this new feature can help bring attention to some of your more obscure boards (towards the bottom of your board organization system). Or you can use it to highlight seasonal boards or more popular boards.

You can ALSO have your “Shop” board appear in the showcase section, if you have Buyable Pins via Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. If you don’t have buyable pins, you can still showcase a business based board in one of the available 5 spots (another good reason to have ONE board with ALL of your business’ original content pins on it – in addition to sprinkling the content on other relevant boards of course!)

The new Showcase section is pretty cool, and as I said above, I see a lot of potential creative uses for the space.

What you need to know about Showcases:

1) You have up to 5 slots available for showcased boards, you do not have to use all (or any) of them. The showcase section is a carousel and will rotate through whatever boards you have chosen to feature. You can not showcase secret boards, but you CAN showcase group boards – even if you don’t own the board.

2) If you don’t have Buyable Pins and you don’t place any boards into the showcase slots, the showcase section will not show up to visitors – which is good because you really don’t want a big blank space staring at people when they come to visit your profile.

3) If you DO have Buyable Pins, your Shop board will be AUTOMATICALLY added to the Showcase section. If you want to remove the shop board from the carousel, then you’ll need to click the edit button in the showcase section and toggle the “include your shop” option to off.

My Recommendation: I’d absolutely recommend featuring your business board, along with seasonal or holiday related boards. If you happen to be part of a special community, like a holiday gift guide, blogger circle, etc. I’d recommend featuring one of those boards too! Make sure whatever boards you choose to feature, that they have a beautiful board cover and the first two pins are also visually appealing – since the images will now appear MUCH larger and you really want this area to shine! I’d also recommend rotating NEW boards through the carousel as you create them, just to give them a bit of extra attention.

That all said, go check it out, experiment, and have fun!

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