Pinterest Changes: Categories


You’ve probably noticed that Pinterest has been making some design changes lately. They’ve changed their board cover look twice already, just in the past couple of months!

Well I logged into today to see another new change – board categories!

While the changes seem to be in an effort to make categories less complex, there are a few key changes which may affect they way you classify your boards.





Here are the OLD categories we could choose from:



And here are the NEW categories:



As you can see, Pinterest really tried to make the categories 1 to 2 word phrases, which really cleans up the overall look. Nothing looks too crazy out of the norm upon first glance, and it doesn’t seem that the new browsing categories have yet to be applied to the board category selection options – but if the past is anything to measure by, they will be changed to reflect the new category options.

Once the board category options catch up to the new browsing category selections, here’s what you should note:

  • The Films, Book, and Music category is gone. Replaced seemingly by “Entertainment”. If you were pinning things to a board in this category, you’ll need to go edit your board and choose  this new category, or some other category.
  • The “Nature” part of “Science and Nature” has been dropped. You may want to re-evaluate your boards that were using the old category to see if those boards might better fit in with the “Outdoors” category now (which isn’t a new category, but may be more appropriate for your nature pins now).
  • The “Parenting” part of “Kids and parenting” has been dropped. So all you mommy and daddy bloggers out there, you might want to stay in the “kids” category… but you might also look at “Home”, “Humor”, or “DIY” board categories – depending on your blog’s tone and what aspects of parenting you write about.

There is still no sub-category for “baby”… which I wish they would create!

All in all, the category changes aren’t major. But I do think that by simplifying the terminology used, Pinterest has opened up board categorization to more interpretation. For instance the once “Home Decor” category is now simply “Home”, and thus could include more than just home decor. Arguably, it could be used to categories boards filled with green cleaning pins, home ownership hacks, blogs about lifestyle and living, etc.

Also of note, don’t be confused by the “Shop” vs. “Shopping” options when browsing. While browsing, clicking the “Shopping” category will show different results from the “Shop” tab option.

Pinterest is undoubtedly still testing and changing things. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see further tweaks in the weeks or months to come. Just keep your eyes peeled and be sure to edit your boards as needed to avoid being uncategorized or incorrectly categorized, as that can hurt your search result rankings.


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