7 Board Ideas for 7 Major Pinterest Categories

7 Board Ideasfor 7 Major Pinterest Categories.png

Trying to tell you exactly what boards you should have is rather impossible, as the kind and combination of boards highly depends on your personal style, your target audience, what you are promoting (service/product), etc. However, if you just don’t even know where to start and find yourself pinning recipes because “everyone likes to eat”, then maybe the suggestions below will get some ideas flowing!

**For the record, I absolutely do NOT recommend pinning food/drink pins unless it somehow directly appeals to your target audience – as in you blog about food, sell food, or are  trying to reach party/event planning people, moms and dads with kids, or health/exercise conscious people.**


(Technically this would be encompassed under the Kids and Parenting category – but I do feel it is different enough to warrant it’s own list. I pray for the day Pinterest adds a “Baby” category!)
  1. Baby Clothes
  2. Newborn Photography
  3. Mom-To-Be Tips
  4. Parenting Hacks
  5. Sensory Play/Developmental Activities
  6. Baby Shower Inspiration
  7. Nursery Decor



  1. Makeup Tutorials
  2. Color Palettes
  3. Closet Organization
  4. Hairstyles/Updos
  5. Outfit Inspiration
  6. Stylish Accessories
  7. Specific Style Inspiration Boards (Boho, Evening Wear, Grunge, Street, etc.)



  1. Meal Specific Boards (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks)
  2. Diet Specific Boards (Vegan, GF, Vegetarian, Paleo, etc.)
  3. Decadent Desserts
  4. Party/Special Event Menu Ideas
  5. Holiday Specific Recipes
  6. World Food Boards (Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Asian, etc.)
  7. Specialty Drinks


Home Decor:

  1. Tablescapes
  2. Paint Palettes
  3. Kitchen Make-Overs
  4. Bathroom Make-Overs
  5. Storage/Organization Ideas
  6. Seasonal Decor Boards
  7. Specific Style Inspiration Boards (Farmhouse, Boho, Shabby Chic, Industrial, Etc.)



  1. Age Specific Activities
  2. DIY Crafts
  3. Parenting Tips
  4. Seasonal Crafts/Activities
  5. Bedroom Inspiration
  6. Educational Tips/Activities
  7. Kids Snacks/Meals



  1. Couples Poses
  2. Family/Kids Photo Inspiration
  3. Wedding Photo Inspiration
  4. Birthday/Event Photos
  5. Inspiring Photo Art
  6. Black and White Photography
  7. Photography Challenges/Tips



  1. Bouquet/Floral Arrangements
  2. Wedding Dresses/Bridesmaid Dresses
  3. Style Specific Inspiration (Boho, Outdoor, Fairytale, Country, Non-Traditional, etc.)
  4. Guest Book Ideas
  5. Bridesmaid Gifts
  6. Honeymoon Destinations
  7. Wedding Preparation Tips


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