4 Pinterest SEO Checkpoints


Did you know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t JUST for websites and Google searches? It matters on Pinterest too! Pinterest SEO is how you get your pins, boards, and accounts found! Check out these 4 places you should be optimized for search on Pinterest.

1) Bio:

This is where you should have a few general keywords that explain what your business is all about. You should definitely also have your website or other main point of business url in your bio!

2) Your board titles:

Always, always use search friendly terms as your board titles. Stuck on what to call your board? Head to the search bar and start typing a few words that relate to your board’s content. Note the suggestions that auto-populate in the drop down menu and choose one of those! Make sure you a accurately representing your board’s content. For instance if your board focuses solely on breakfast recipes, don’t title the board just “Recipes” use “Breakfast Recipes”, “Easy Breakfasts”, “Gluten Free Breakfasts” or whatever you are focusing on with that board. If it is a hodge podge mix of meal ideas, you could title the board “Family Recipes”, “Healthy Recipes”, or “Easy Meals”. You want to stay general without being too broad.

3) Your board descriptions:

Descriptions should be in sentence format whenever possible. Try to work 2-5 keyword phrases into those sentences. Here you want to be a little more specific than you are with your board titles. So for instance, on our “Breakfast Recipes” board, we might have a description that reads “Easy, yummy breakfasts for busy mornings: smoothie recipes, overnight oats, make ahead breakfasts, easy muffins, and more breakfast ideas for the family on the go!” It’s OK to use keywords in a list within a sentence structure. You just don’t want a raw list that has no intro or wrap up, it’s boring and bland. Basically, try to use this space to add your own unique voice and tone while also improving your search rank with keyword phrases!

4) Your pin descriptions:

Each pin descriptions should be 2-4 sentences in length with at least 1 keyword phrase and no limit on how many you can fit into your 2-4 sentences. Here the big thing is to sound casual, conversational, interesting, and compelling to get viewers to click through. Think of your pins as a point of interest and traffic driver to your main site, not a point of sales – so nix the sales pitch. You also aren’t aiming for comments. You want people to save your pin or favorite it as that is how your pins will get spread across the Pinterest platform. So if you include a call to action, try something like “save for later”. Avoid lists of keywords like the plague here – even if they are enveloped in a sentence. But do work in at least 1 keyword phrase that relates to what is depicted in the pin image, the content it directs to, or your overall business.

A note about hashtags in descriptions:

Hashtags on Pinterest are generally frowned upon. Although they are clicky and will bring up other content tagged with the same hashtag, I recommend only using 1 type of hashtag: your very own personal “designer” hashtag. This can be your business name or some variant of it. If you use a designer hashtag on another platform, such as Instagram, use that same one on Pinterest in your pin descriptions. Only ever use this designer hashtag on pins you have created for your business that direct to some content/site of your very own. The only purpose this hashtag serves is to help redirect viewers to more of your own original content pins, so it would be counterproductive to tag repins of other people’s content.

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52 thoughts on “4 Pinterest SEO Checkpoints

  1. ppffinancialblogjetpack says:

    This is very informative! I guarantee some people didn’t know that Pinterest relied on SEO just like google and other search engines. One thing I didn’t know is about the hashtags. I never even thought about developing a “brand” hashtag. Nor did I know Pinterest utilized them. Thanks for all of this!


  2. That One Birch says:

    I didn’t realize that SEO mattered for Pinterest. Thank you so much for posting this, it’s very informative! Now I have to go back and fix up my profile and my board descriptions to make sure that they’re SEO friendly. It definitely explains a lot as to why my pins aren’t getting repinned as often as I would like. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bluefairystudios says:

      I just love Pinterest! I started out as a social media VA and dropped everything else I was doing to focus just on Pinterest! Thanks for visiting and feel free to reach out to me if you have Pinterest questions!


  3. zozieposie says:

    Interesting! I heard hashtag were the way to do pinterest but now thinking moving forward not..Conflicing advice sometimes…but I like your way moving forward

    Liked by 1 person

    • bluefairystudios says:

      Hashtags are great for Instagram, but can actually push your pins down in search results on Pinterest. 1 designer hashtag won’t hurt but lists of them will. It’s so much better to optimize the other SEO checkpoints I mentioned. And be active daily! Good luck and check out some of my other blog posts for more Pinterest tips!


  4. Jennifer Marx (JenuineMom) says:

    Thank you for the post! I am curious about using 2-4 sentences per pin description — I can’t fit that many in as Pinterest cuts it off after a certain point. Do you think it is important to have the long descriptions even if they are cut off? Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bluefairystudios says:

      yes Pinterest will hide parts of longer descriptions in newsfeeds, so it won’t all show until someone actually clicks on the pin. So, I recommend using shorter sentences and putting your most valuable words first. But I don’t worry about the cut off point. It’s up to your preference, kind of like some bloggers let excepts trail off and others like exerpts to stop at natural cut off points. Either way won’t hurt you, it’s more of an aestheticsm thing 🙂 Hope this helps!l

      Liked by 2 people

  5. karyld2016 says:

    Thank you for these tips. I never thought about the longer description of each pin. I’ve seen some where people put the first several sentences of the post, but I think a more targeted description like this makes more sense. Thank you for sharing!


  6. mathewsalex says:

    Thank you so much for this list. I really had no idea about SEO for pinterest and since I’m just starting out growing my following, I’ll definitely use these tips moving forward!


    • bluefairystudios says:

      Awesome! It can take some time to get going with follower growth, but if you implement SEO and other Pinterest tips from the beginning, once you start gaining traffic it will just snowball! Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back for more tips as you go along! 🙂


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