How to Have Your Social Media and Automate it Too!

bppin4-26-16Wouldn’t it be great if you could get things done without lifting a finger?

For instance, if it’s a nice sunny day, your grass would automatically get mowed without you having to call a service or do it yourself?

Or if it’s a particularly warm day and you aren’t home, your thermostat would automatically adjust itself to help save energy and money?

Or if you post a really cool image to Instagram it would automatically also be shared with your Twitter and Facebook followers too?

Guess what, these things CAN be done! Well, maybe not the grass mowing thing. But the others? Absolutely!

Have you ever heard of a program called IFTTT? It stands for “if this, then that” and it is utterly amazing!

IFTTT has over 90 applications you can connect to the service and use to create (or browse for) “recipes” to automate home, office, and social media tasks! Once you have your recipes set up, and verify that they work (some recipes seem to be broken, but most of them seem to work just fine), you won’t have to lift a pinky finger in the future to seamlessly share between social accounts or adjust your home thermostat or even turn down your ringer when you get to work!

IFTTT will do it all for you. IFTTT can free up lots of time you used to spend doing daily, routine, monotonous tasks AND it makes sure your tasks are done consistently! So when you normally might have forgotten or not had the time to do a certain task, IFTTT will still be there, quietly working in the background.

I LOVE this program! I am not at all affiliated with IFTTT and am not getting paid for this endorsement. I just started using it for my own social media tasks, fell in love, and decided to share what I know about it with all of you!

I use IFTTT to do these tasks automatically for me:

-Share Instagram Pictures to my Twitter Timeline

-Share new YouTube uploads to my Twitter Timeline

-Share my Tweets and ReTweets to a Buffer Feed (which is set up tp post automatically to my FB page 3 times a day).

With just these 3 recipes, I keep my Twitter feed and my FB Page full! I don’t have to manually post everywhere or schedule posts for multiple platforms. I basically put up my own original content on either IG or YouTube and IFTTT does the rest. I also can spend time looking for good shareable content on twitter and simply retweet it to have it share automatically to my FB page,via IFTTT connected to my Buffer account which is connected to my FB page (kinda reminds me of the lyrics to “Dem Bones”, haha).

Anyway, if you’d like to get a behind the scenes look at IFTTT before signing up for an account, you should check out my Wednesday Workshop videos! To get access, you’ll need to sign up HERE (just wait for the pop up)! You’ll get immediate access to all previous videos and be on my list to automatically receive all future workshops, tips, and more!

Oh and if you want to learn more about Buffer, you can click HERE to watch my free tutorial!

I am sorry that I can’t do anything about your lawn. It’s just not my specialty!

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