5 Pinterest Features You May Not Know About


Pinterest has been making lots of changes lately! You’ve probably seen the design changes they’ve made to the platfrom recently, but here’s a few features you may have missed! (Note: Not all of these are new, but many people don’t know they exist!)

1) Home Feed “Picked for you” Toggle On/Off

If you think Pinterest got it wrong and has filled your smart newsfeed with pins you don’t want to see, you can now turn this feature off! You’ll still see pins selected based on the interests you chose to follow when you signed up, but Pinterest won’t be suggesting off the wall pins for you anymore. This does limit the discoverability of new pins a little bit, so it’s kind of not great news for small business accounts that are trying to break into the pin pool. However, there are still plenty of ways to get your account and pins noticed and plenty of users who won’t choose to turn off this feature, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

2) Pinterest Shop Section

Next to the search bar, there is a little hanburger icon that you can click to filter the section you are searching in or that your newsfeed displays pins from. Now there is a SHOP section! Clicking the words “shop” takes you to a whole page of products from various brands that you can buy RIGHT IN THE PINTEREST PLATFORM. Just browse by category or scroll through the general shop feed, then click add to bag when you find something you want to buy. When you’re done shopping you can view your bag and/or checkout. Just enter your shipping and payment info and you’re good to go! This is going to be huge as Pinterest moves forward in their quest to become an ecommerce mecca! It doesn’t appear to showcase etsy products yet, but I haven’t dug that deep into it. Currently I see mostly big brands, but I have hope that will change. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your products in the shop section?

3) Board Sharing Options

Not new, but perhaps you’ve never even thought to share a whole board as part of your social media marketing strategy! Well, you can! This would be great content to share espcecially on Facebook Pages! You can also send the board to a specific person via Pinterest, email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or simply copy the URL shortlink! Imaging curating a vision board for a client, an inspiration board for a graphic designer, or a seasonal board to your Facebook followers – there are so many ways to use this feature! To access this feature, you must be viewing the board you want to share. If it’s your own board, click the 3 dots for your sharing options. If it’s someone else’s board, click the arrow for sharing options. It’s that easy!

4) Pin Sharing Options

Just like board sharing, you can send specific pins to others! You must be viewing the pin you want to share. Then just click the “send button” with the arrow to access these options:

-send to Pinterest user (type their username in the mini search bar that pops up)

-send via email (type their email address in the mini search bar that pops up)

-send to contact (import from Google, yahoo, Twitter, FB)

-share to FB

-FB messenger

-share to twitter

-copy shortlink for sharing

Choose the one you want to do and follow the prompts!

4) Image Uploader

Want to pin some image or graphic you created? Don’t have the brower pin it button and want to pin something from a website? You can AND it’s easier than ever to access this feature. While viewing your profile, hover over the + button at the top right of the screen. You’ll see options for:

-save from a website

-upload an image

-create an ad

Simply click the right option and follow the prompts. Make sure if you are uploading an image from your computer and actually want the pin to redirect somewhere that you go back in to edit the pin once you’ve save it to a board and input the url you want it to point to, otherwise your pretty picture won’t take anyone anywhere and for us business owners, getting redirect traffic is the whole point! You can also easily access their ad creator here.

5) Visually Similar Search

Say you found a recipe for some muffins, but you look through the caption/rich pin info and don’t quite like the recipe. You can simply click the little magnifying glass at the top right of the pin image to search for visually similar pins – which in this case would be other muffins! You can use this feature to find visually similar places, spaces, artwork, products, etc. Just another handy way to tailor your search on Pinterest!

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