4 Reasons Why Pinterest is Better Than a Facebook Page


1) Pinterest profiles and boards show up in Google searches

If you go to Google to search for say, home paint colors, there is a really good chance that at least one of the top search results will be for a Pinterest board collection of interior paint palettes or something similar. Thus, not only can your pins and boards be found within Pinterest, but they can be found by anyone doing a simple Google search too! Facebook Pages do turn up occasionally, but generally only when you are searching for a specific business, person, or place. Obviously, being able to be found multiple ways increases your traffic potential.

2) Organic reach on Pinterest is easier to attain

We all know that our Facebook Page organic reach is drastically restricted, because Facebook ultimately wants you to pay to promote to your audience. Paying to promote is often a necessity for many businesses, and should be included in your business budget. But, for smaller businesses who are just starting out and don’t have the budget for anything extra, let alone paid ads, organic reach is extremely valuable and needed. While Pinterest does allow you to boost pins via their Promoted Pins feature, I have yet to see as much of a struggle on their platform for exposure as I have on Facebook. Often with Facebook Pages, it can seem like no one is seeing what you’re posting. This isn’t the case with Pinterest. As long you’re optimizing everything for search (board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and your bio) and staying active, then you should be steadily gaining traffic, repins, and followers.

3) Pinterest pins get better over time

In addition to Facebook Page organic reach really sucking, is that you constantly have to feed it with new content. And each new piece of content essentially has to “start over” gaining exposure for your page. Previous posts on Facebook do very little to gain traffic to your page once it’s reached a certain age, unless you get really lucky and have a post go viral – that’s a whole different ballgame. Viral posts don’t play by the rules.

On Pinterest, pins get shared in a phone-tree like manner. For every person who saves your pin, all of their followers can now see it, then one of them saves it and the pin gets a new audience of all of those followers, and so on. All while you continue to add content consistently. So old content just keeps getting circulated around and around. And old content is always in a neatly organized (and optimized!) area so it can be easily found at any time, even if it’s a year old! Where as old Facebook posts on your page just kind of fade into the background, old pins are always waiting to be discovered! Basically, Pinterest incorporates the idea of content going viral into their platform and makes it easy for pins to do so. And, of course, the greater organic reach you can attain, the more traffic you’ll get! All without spending a dime – then you can boost pins to increase that reach even more!

On a side note: Pinterest has updated the way you see repins of your content. Before you could only see direct repins on your original pin. Now, you will see a summary of all the repins shared from your original pin and repins of your pin, on your original pin! So where before you might have seen your pin get a handful of pins (even if it was going on to get thousands more repins you never saw), now you could see repin counts in the hundreds or thousands on your pins and those will reflect the actual number of saves that pin has received across Pinterest. Cool, huh?

4) Pinterest aims to become an ecommerce mecca

Pinterest has become so much more than a place to save ideas. It’s on track to become the largest ecommerce venue, since it’s introduction of buyable pins (which Pinterest recently expanded!). It is already the third leading driver of traffic to ecommerce sites (like Etsy). And even being third, it generates more sales revenue for these sites than Facebook traffic! It’s highly visual nature, viral-like pin sharing, and evergreen pins sets the stage for Pinterest to keep businesses coming to their platform to put their products into the pin pool. Google Images and Shopping may just be a thing of the past. Pinterest is Google Images on steroids and with the ability to buy directly from within the platform. If you haven’t checked out the new Pinterest Shop section, go look at it, it’s pretty cool! Wouldn’t you love to see YOUR products there one day?! The Shop section is pretty new, so I can only image it will grow larger and more popular by the day. Before it gets too large, you’ll want to be sure to have a rock solid Pinterest strategy that is gaining you new followers and traffic everyday. You don’t want to be the last one on the bus, when there is even more competition for seats!

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