It’s unlike any other social platform because it’s actually a search engine!
Like many content creators, you’ve heard that Pinterest is the perfect way to get more web traffic. But you’re a busy woman and you have other things to do: Write that blog post! Record that webinar! Produce that podcast!

You need a Pinterest account that works to bring you traffic, but you also know there’s no way you can add one more thing to your already mile-long to-do list.

That’s where we come in! Blue Fairy Studios offers an all-inclusive, done for you, solution that doesn’t require you to invest hours of time:

  • researching the best keywords to use to attract your ideal audience
  • setting up board topics
  • pinning your content and finding/pinning other relevant content
  • creating LOTS of fresh pin graphics for your content (blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.) every month
  • reviewing analytics and figuring out what the heck they even mean!
  • managing a pin scheduler
  • figuring out if, when, and how to run ads
  • keeping up with an ever changing algorithm
  • making decisions about what to do next to grow your Pinterest reach and get those clicks!


    With over 5 years of experience and happy clients, we know exactly how to get ORGANIC growth on Pinterest!

To break down the barriers to your success with Pinterest Marketing by providing:

  • comprehensive management, so you can focus on other aspects of business
  • real talk and no false promises
  • up-to-date strategies and techniques for optimal Pinterest growth
  • Goal and Content Driven entrepreneurs
  • Creativity and Vision
  • Open and Direct, Honest Communication
  • Being Genuine and Relate-able
  • Providing valuable support services to your business
  • Providing complete information and actionable guidance

Our  vision is of a world where our clients love Pinterest as much as we do! Together, we will work to create beautiful, on-brand, and functional Pinterest accounts which attract our clients’ target audiences and convert them into followers, fans, and buyers.

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